View Full Version : Ron Paul's Subcommittee hearing next Wednesday, Walter Jones

02-05-2011, 04:57 AM
Got this newsletter from Walter Jones's office. (I live in GA but a while back I sent Walter an email thanking him for speaking out against the wars in the House, and apparently that put me on his mailing list? I suppose there are far worse congressional members to get emails from).

If you live in NC, you might want to send him some suggestions.

Dear Friend,

I would like your input on questions to ask at an upcoming hearing on the Federal Reserve’s money printing!

On Wednesday, February 9th, the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology is holding a hearing titled “Can Monetary Policy Really Create Jobs?” The subcommittee oversees the Federal Reserve, and as Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee under Chairman Ron Paul, I will be there to ask questions and demand answers regarding the employment problems facing the people of the 3rd District of North Carolina and across this nation.

The Federal Reserve has been printing massive amounts of money as part of a policy they call “Quantitative Easing”. In fact, the Fed is on track to print roughly $2 trillion over the last two years. The Fed’s money printing has been driving up prices for business and working families, while it continues to bail out Wall Street. The people of Eastern North Carolina are struggling at the grocery store and the gas pump and I think it is time to hold the Fed accountable. Printing money to drive up prices is killing consumers, and is no way to create jobs.

This is why I want to hear from you. I am asking the people of the 3rd District to tell me what questions or concerns that they would like asked or expressed during that hearing. While I may not be able to ask all of them, I will utilize as many as I can in the time that I am allotted in next week’s hearing.

Please visit my website and send me an email with your thoughts and questions for the witnesses at next week’s hearing.



Walter B. Jones
Member of Congress (NC-03)