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05-17-2007, 08:59 AM
I plan on attending Doug McIntyre's (KABC) taping at the Queen Mary tomorrow. Will be wearing my Ron Paul Revolution shirt.

Driving to work this morning, his co-host, Rob Marenko, talking about GOP Michigan's request to ban Ron Paul from further GOP debates because of his comments at the last debate, called his comments "despicable" (but did suggest that banning him for those comments would be even more despicable).

I tried calling in right away, and Doug mentioned that he was gonna take some calls, but I guess Phil Specter's trial got in the way, because they just spent an entire segment on that, and when I got through and asked to talk about Ron Paul, the screener told me they had already moved on to another subject.

I like Doug. He's got some libertarian views, and doesn't seem to think of Ron Paul as a "nut", and I happen to think he's funny (he was a writer for Married With Children, I believe). He also seems to appreciate the support that Ron Paul is getting from online users.

Doug mentioned that Ron Paul had had a scheduled appointment when he was here in California for the first debate, but that Dr. Paul had to cancel that appointment because of scheduling conflicts.

Anyway, here's the contact info for Doug's show.


Let's see if we can get him to ask Rob Marenko to explain exactly why he called Ron Paul's comment "despicable".

Here's what I wrote:

Hi Doug,

I just heard Rob call Ron Paul's comments "despicable". I appreciate that Rob did seem to suggest that he thought that banning Dr. Paul from the GOP debates because of his comment would be wrong, but I'd like for you to ask Rob if he knows what exactly Congressman Paul's comment was.

If he's unsure, please ask him to watch the comments here:


or read the transcript here:


If suggesting that our actions abroad can have consequences at home is "despicable", then my hopes for this country have just taken a big hit.


Los Angeles