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Bradley in DC
10-21-2007, 01:59 PM

9 Total Delegates Territorial Meetings: 2/28/04

Step 1 Territorial Meeting

Purpose: To elect national convention delegates.

Timing: 2/28/04:

Process: The method of selecting delegates to the national convention is determined by the Territorial Committee. Party Rules art. XIII 1. St. Croix and St. Thomas/St. John are each allocated three (3) delegates and three (3) alternates to the national convention. Territorial Committee Meeting Resolution 8/23/03.

Step 2 Certification of Delegates

Purpose: Filing of the credentials of the state delegation to the Secretary of the RNC.

Timing: 07/31/2004

Process: No later than thirty (30) days before the time set for the meeting of
the national convention, the credentials of each delegate and alternate
delegate shall be filed with the secretary of the Republican National
Committee for use by the secretary in making up the temporary roll
of the national convention (RNC Rule 18(c)).

Step 3 Organizing Convention Delegation

Purpose: To select national convention delegation chairman and choose committee persons.

Timing: TBD
Process: National Party Rules require the election of a delegation chairman, as well as one (1) man and one (1) woman for each of the four (4) Convention Committees, including: Committee on Resolutions (Platform), Committee on Credentials, Committee on Rules and Order of Business, and Committee on Permanent Organization. States are required to file notice with the RNC Secretary the selection of these committee members and their state delegation chairman. Alternate delegates may not serve as delegation chairman or as members of the convention committees (RNC Rules, Rule 40(a)).

Table of Authorities

Rules, Policies, and Principles of the Republican Party of the
United States Virgin Islands.

Territorial Committee Meeting Resolution 8/23/03.

Territorial Committee Meeting Resolution 9/27/03.

01-27-2008, 07:48 AM
Territorial Meetings: April 5, 2008

Total Delegates: 9


6 AL

Delegates are not bound but requested to support candidate that they committed to prior to election.

Delegates are elected at Territorial Committee Meetings with top vote-getters elected as delegates.

Bradley in DC
01-27-2008, 08:20 AM
The three RNC delegates are the chairman of the "state" Republican Party and the Republican National Committee members (National Committeeman and National Committeewoman) chosen by the US Virgin Islands to represent them at the RNC. Those three also get to vote on whom they want as our presidential nominee.



9 Total Delegates
3 RNC and 6 AL
Important Dates
Territorial Meetings: 4/05/08
Selection Method

Delegates not bound, but requested to support candidate that they committed to prior to election.

o 9 Unbound

Selection Details
AL Delegate allocation: n/a
Delegate election: Directly elected at Territorial Committee meeting with top vote-getters elected as delegates.