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27 Total Delegates: 3 CD & 24 AL Primary: 6/1/04
Primary/Caucus/Committee Mtg. Delegate Filing: 4/6/04
Delegates bound for 1 ballot County Convention: 3/18/04
Proportional w/20 % threshold State convention: 3/27/04

Step 1 –County National Convention Delegate Selection Meetings

Purpose: To elect delegates to the regional and state national delegate selection meetings.

Timing: 3/18/04

Qualifications: Registered Republicans residing in each county.

Process: At each county meeting, each presidential campaign will caucus their supporters (led by the campaign’s official county chair designated by the statewide presidential campaign chairman 5 days prior to the meeting). Each caucus will elect 3 delegates to attend the state national delegate selection meeting. There may also be an “uncommitted” caucus at each county meeting. Bylaws of the South Dakota Republican Central Committee § VI (10). Minnehaha County may elect 6 persons to attend the state national delegate selection meeting. Attendees may vote for 3 candidates. No cumulative or absentee voting is permitted. Bylaws § VI (11).

Step 2 – State National Convention Delegate Selection Meeting

Purpose: To select the national convention delegate slates that will be submitted to the Secretary of State for each participating presidential campaign.

Timing: 3/27/04: State meeting

Qualifications: Voting delegates and national delegate candidates must have been elected at county caucuses, except for the state chairs of each presidential campaign.

Process: The morning of the state meeting, meeting attendees break into 6 regional groups. Each campaign caucuses at the regional meetings and selects 4 national delegates and alternates to be voted on at the state meeting. Bylaws § VI (15). (Region 1 – Minnehaha selects 5 delegates and 1 alternate delegate; Region 6 – Custer, Fall River,
Lawrence, Meade and Pennington select 5 delegates and 5 alternate delegates.) The votes of each county within the regions are weighted based on the 2002 gubernatorial vote. Bylaws § VI (13).

At the state meeting, each presidential campaign will caucus their group to vote. Delegates are voted on individually and top-finishers win. Cumulative voting is permitted. The state chair of each campaign is entitled to the first position on the final delegate slate without standing for election. Bylaws § VI (14).

Step 3 – Certification of Delegates

Purpose: To ensure that all delegates have proper credentials and are certified to act as delegates to the national convention.

Timing: 4/3/04: Caucus chairman certifies delegate lists to the state party secretary (within 7 days of selection).
4/3/04: Each delegate must send an oath of affirmation to the state party secretary (within 7 days of selection).

Process: Each caucus chairman must certify in writing to the Secretary of the Republican Party a list including the full names and addresses of each delegate and alternate. Bylaws § VI (17(A)). All delegates and alternates must subscribe to an oath affirming that they will support the candidate to whom they are pledged for one ballot at the national convention unless the candidate withdraws or releases the delegate. This oath must be sent to the Secretary of the Republican Party within seven days of such delegate selection. Bylaws § VI (17(B)). Following the State Convention, the State Chairman must certify to the Secretary of State that all delegates and alternates named on the chosen slates were arrived at in keeping with party by-laws. Bylaws § VI (17(C)).

Step 4 – Presidential Candidate & Delegate Slate Filing

Purpose: To submit the officially chosen delegates/alternates for each campaign

Timing: 4/6/04: State party certification of delegate slates.

Process: The state party chairman must certify the slates submitted by each campaign to the Secretary of State no later than 4/6/04 (sent by registered mail by 4/6/04 is sufficient). S.D. Codified Laws § 12-5-3.8.

Step 5 – Presidential Primary

Purpose: To apportion and bind national convention delegates on a proportional basis to candidates who met the 20% minimum statewide threshold.

Timing: 6/1/04

Qualifications: Only registered Republicans may vote in the primary.

Process: The primary is held and, based on the results certified by the Secretary of State; delegates are awarded to candidates from their submitted slates on a proportional basis with a 20% minimum statewide threshold. Bylaws § VI (4).

Step 6 – Organizing Convention Delegation

Purpose: To select national convention delegation chairman and choose committee persons.

Timing: Promptly after election of delegates. RNC Rule 40(a).
Process: National Party Rules require the election of a delegation chairman, as well as one (1) man and one (1) woman for each of the four (4) Convention Committees, including: Committee on Resolutions (Platform), Committee on Credentials, Committee on
Rules and Order of Business, and Committee on Permanent Organization. States are required to file notice with the RNC Secretary the selection of these committee members and their state delegation chairman. Alternate delegates may not serve as delegation chairman or as members of the convention committees. RNC Rule 40(a).

Elector Selection

Purpose: To select presidential electors.

Timing: TBD

Process: No party rules or state statutes regarding the selection of presidential electors has been provided.

Table of Authorities

Bylaws of the South Dakota Republican Central Committee.

South Dakota Codified Laws § 12-5-1 et seq.