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Bradley in DC
10-21-2007, 01:52 PM

31 Total Delegates: 15 CD & 16 AL Primary: 5/04/2004
Primary/District Conventions Delegate Filing: 5/29/04
Delegates bound for 2 ballots unless candidate receives District conventions:
6/12/04 less than 35% Candidate Filing: 3/9/04 for non- selected candidates

Step 1 Presidential Preference Primary

Purpose: To allocate and bind national convention delegates proportionally based on the primary results.

Timing: 5/18/04

Allocation: Candidates are allocated the number of delegates which represents the proportion of the vote the candidate receives in the presidential primary. Or. Rev. Stat. 248.315(3). Each person selected as a delegate shall sign a pledge that the person will continue to support at the national convention the presidential candidate the person is selected in favoring until the candidate receives less than 35% of the votes for nomination or two convention nominating ballots have been taken. The delegate may also be released from pledge by the candidate. Id.

Step 2 Delegate Filing

Purpose: To qualify as a national convention delegate or alternate delegate.

Timing: 5/29/04

Qualifications: Each delegate candidate must be a registered Republican voter for at least 180 days before the presidential preference primary. Each CD delegate or alternate delegate candidate must be a resident of the CD in which he or she seeks election. State Party Rules 5.1.

Process: Each candidate for CD and AL delegate and alternate delegate must file a notification of candidacy at the state central committee office. A properly executed form for candidacy can be sent to the state party by facsimile. A notice must include the following: name, address, telephone number, the name of the presidential candidate favored, and any other information deemed necessary by the state party. State Party Rules 5.2

Step 3 District Conventions

Purpose: To select AL and CD national delegates.

Timing: 6/12/04

Qualifications: Each congressional district convention elects 3 national CD delegates and also votes for AL delegates.
Only precinct committeepersons elected in May 2004 primary shall be entitled to vote; however, delegate candidates are not required to be precinct committeepersons. State Party Rules 3.2. There are four ballots at each CD convention: 1) Voters may cast votes for up to 13 candidates in AL delegate election; 2) voters may cast votes for up to 3 candidates in CD delegate elections; 3) voters may cast votes for up to 13 candidates for AL alternate delegates; and 4) voters may cast up to 3 votes for CD alternate delegates. State Party Rules 7.1.1 7.1.4. The votes from each district convention for AL delegates and alternates are totaled and sent to the state party headquarters for tabulation. State Party Rules 7.2 7.3.
Floor nominations are not allowed.

Step 4 Certification of Delegates

Purpose: Filing of the credentials of the state delegation to the Secretary of the RNC.

Timing: 07/31/2004

Process: No later than thirty (30) days before the time set for the meeting of the national convention, the credentials of each delegate and alternate delegate shall be filed with the secretary of the Republican National Committee for use by the secretary in making up the temporary roll of the national convention (RNC Rule 18(c)).

Step 5 Organizing Convention Delegation

Purpose: To select national convention delegation chairman and choose committee persons.

Timing: 6/15/04 2 p.m.

Process: Elected delegates (not alternates) must participate in conference call to elect a delegation chairman and choose convention committee members. Draft memo to candidates for delegate/alternate. (May be subject to change.) National Party Rules require the election of a delegation chairman, as well as one (1) man and one (1) woman for each of the four (4) Convention Committees, including: Committee on Resolutions (Platform), Committee on Credentials, Committee on Rules and Order of Business, and Committee on Permanent Organization. States are required to file notice with the RNC Secretary the selection of these committee members and their state delegation chairman. Alternate delegates may not serve as delegation chairman or as members of the convention committees (RNC Rules, Rule 40(a)).

Elector Selection

Purpose: To select presidential electors.

Timing: TBD

Process: Presidential electors are to be nominated and elected at the State Convention. Delegates to the State Party Convention include candidates elected in the primary election for the positions of U.S. Senator(s), U.S. Representative(s), statewide officeholders, state senators, state representatives, delegates to the Oregon Republican Party State Central Committee, and additional delegates from each county. Article XVI Oregon Republican Party By-laws.

Table of Authorities

Oregon Republican Party By-laws. Attachment 1 (Oregon Rule 15(d) filings).

Rules for Oregon Republican Party Congressional District Conventions.
Attachment (Oregon Rule 15(d) filings).

Draft memo to candidates for delegate/alternate. Attachment 4 (Oregon Rule 15(d) filings).

Oregon Revised Statutes 248.315

Mordechai Vanunu
10-21-2007, 02:37 PM
Posting 50 threads for each state, all with the same title, is not the best way to get this information across.

Bradley in DC
10-21-2007, 02:46 PM
Posting 50 threads for each state, all with the same title, is not the best way to get this information across.

Posting a content specific thread title in each repsective state subforum makes the most sense to me. Sorry if it confused anyone with all of the pertinent information you posted. :rolleyes: