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24 Total Delegates: 9 CD & 15 AL Pres. Primary: 6/1/04
Primary/Caucus/Convention Precinct Mtgs: 3/27/04 - 4/3/04
Delegates bound for one ballot County Conv.: 4/24/04 – 5/1/04
Proportional w/15% threshold Delegate Filing Deadline: 5/13/04
State Convention: 6/12/04

Step 1 – Precinct Meetings & County Conventions

Purpose: To elect delegates from each precinct to the county conventions and from each county to the state convention.

Timing: Precinct Meetings: 3/27/04 – 4/3/04
County conventions: 5/6/04 – 5/13/04

Process: Precinct meetings are held to elect delegates to the county conventions (Uniform State Rules of the Republican Party of New Mexico, Article 4, §3(a)).

Candidates for county convention delegate who fail to get elected from their precinct may run for one of the state convention open slots elected at large at their county convention (Conference Call 12/15/03).

County conventions are held to elect delegates to the state convention (NM Party Rules, Art. 3, §2-1). Only those delegates (or alternates) elected from the county convention can become voting delegates at the state convention (NM Party Rules, Art. 2, §2-5(A)). The number of delegates from each county is based on the votes cast (1 delegate for every 400 votes or remaining major fraction there of) for the Republican gubernatorial nominee in the last election (NM Party Rules, Art. 2 §2-5(B)).

Step 2 – Presidential Primary

Purpose: To apportion and bind national convention delegates.

Timing: 6/1/04

Qualifications: Closed primary.

Process: National convention delegates are bound for the first ballot to the participating presidential candidates in proportion to the percentage of the vote received by each candidate in the statewide primary. Only those presidential candidates receiving 15% or more of the primary vote are entitled to commitments (NMSA §1-8-60(c)).

Step 3 – State Convention

Purpose: To elect delegates and alternates to the national convention.

Timing: National delegate candidate filing: by 5/15/04
State Convention: 6/12/04.

Qualifications: All candidates for national delegate must (i) register as a Republican voter in the appropriate district by 1/26/04; (ii) indicate whether they are running for CD or AL delegate; and (iii) file a declaration of candidacy.

Process: National convention delegate candidates must file a declaration/letter of self-nomination with the Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico by 5/15/04. Delegate candidates may run for either national CD delegate or AL delegate, but not both. The letter of self- nomination must stipulate the position (CD or AL) the candidate is running for, full name, gender, registered residence address, current mailing address, county of registration and telephone number (NM Party Rules Art. 2, §2-10(D)(1)).

Immediately following the delegate nomination deadline, the State Chairman shall prepare a list of all properly filed and qualified nominees, which will include all of the information from their self- nomination form. This list will be made available to all State Convention Delegates and Alternates (NM Party Rules, Art. 2, §2- 10(D)(2)).

No nominations will be accepted from the floor of the Convention unless there were not enough self-nomination forms filed to fill all of the National Delegate and Alternate positions (NM Party Rules, Art. 2, §2-10(D)(3)).

At the state convention, the delegates will vote by congressional district to elect 3 national delegates and 3 alternates for each district. The state convention as a whole will elect the remaining 12 AL delegates and alternates. All national delegates and alternates are elected from the list of delegate candidates who filed self-nomination papers with the state party chairman. All voting will be done by secret ballot (NM Party Rules, Art. 2, § 2-10(D)(4)).

Selection: Determination of selection as a Delegate will be by highest number of votes received. The highest number of votes in descending order will determine he Delegates and then the Alternate Delegates. For each District, the three receiving the highest number of votes shall be the CD delegates; the next three (in descending order of votes received) shall be the alternate delegates. For the AL delegates, the 12 receiving the highest number of votes shall be the AL delegates; the next 12 (in descending order of votes received) shall be the alternate AL delegates. Tie votes will be resolved by lot (NM Party Rules, Art. 2, §2-10(D)(5)).

The total number of New Mexico Delegates (and separately alternate delegates) shall include at least four women and four men, to assure full membership on all of the four Committees of the Republican National Convention (NM Party Rules, Art. 2, §2-10(C)).

Step 5 – Organizing State Delegation

Purpose: To organize National Convention delegation and choose delegation leadership and members of the Convention Committees from the state.
Timing: Promptly following their election (RNC Rule 40(a)).
Process: National Party Rules require the election of one (1) man and one (1) woman for each of the four (4) Convention Committees, including: Committee on Resolutions (Platform), Committee on Credentials, Committee on Rules and Order of Business, and Committee on Permanent Organization. States are required to file notice with the RNC Secretary the selection of these committee members and their state delegation chairman. Alternate delegates may not serve as delegation chairman or as members of the convention committees (RNC Rules, Rule 40(a)).

Step 6 – Signing Delegate Pledge Form

Purpose: To bind National Convention Delegates to the allocation of the State
Presidential Preference Primary.

Timing: By 8/14/04 (15 days prior to the convening of the applicable national
party convention.
Process: Delegates and Alternates must file a “Delegate Pledge Form” as outlined in NMSA §1-8-61, at least fifteen days prior to the convening of the national convention. This pledge form acknowledges that the delegate will vote for the applicable candidate (allocated by the state presidential preference primary) on the first ballot at the convention. The State Chairman is responsible for forwarding these delegate pledge forms on to the Secretary of State no later than ten (10) days before the convening of the national convention (NMSA §1-8-61).

Step 6 – Certifying Delegates to the RNC

Purpose: Filing of the credentials of the state delegation to the Secretary of the RNC.

Timing: 7/31/04

Process: No later than thirty (30) days before the time set for the meeting of the national convention, the credentials of each delegate and alternate delegate shall be filed with the secretary of the Republican National Committee for use by the secretary in making up the temporary roll of the national convention (RNC Rule 18(c)).

Presidential Electors

Presidential Electors are chosen at the Regular State Convention Meeting (06/10/2004) (NM State Party Rules § 2-2.1).

Other Information

• The total number of New Mexico Delegates (and separately alternate delegates) shall
include at least four women and four men, to assure full membership on all of the four Committees of the Republican National Convention (NM Party Rules, Art. 2, §2-10(C)).
• Delegates to the national convention are bound by their “Delegate Pledge” for 1
ballot (NMSA §1-8-61).
• The state party shall endeavor to have an equal representation of men and women in
its delegation to the national convention, and shall include at least four men and four women (NM Party Rules, §2-2-10(c)).
• Both the unit rule and fractional voting are prohibited (NM Party Rules, Article 3, §2-9).

Table of Authorities

“Uniform State Rules of the Republican Party of New Mexico” Adopted 03.01.2001

New Mexico State Statutes §1-8-60(c) and §1-8-61

“New Mexico 2004 Key Election Dates”

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