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What is a “qualified elector”? Process/forms for “declaration of candidacy”?

48 Total Delegates: 21 CD & 27 AL Primary: 6/1/04
Primary Delegate filing: 1/1/04 – 3/15/04
Delegates bound
AL- Proportional w/15% threshold
CD- Winner-take-all if candidate receives 50% in CD; 2 delegates to plurality candidate with remaining delegate to 2nd place (w/15% threshold).

Step 1 – Delegate Filing

Purpose: To qualify for ballot placement as a CD or AL delegate candidate and to specify presidential candidate preference.

Timing: 1/1/04 – 3/15/04.

Qualification: Candidates for CD delegate must be a qualified elector of the respective congressional district, and candidates for AL delegate must be a qualified elector of the state. No person may qualify as a candidate for both CD and AL delegate position. 2004 Presidential Preference Primary Resolution ¶ 3.

Process: Delegates must file (i) a declaration of candidacy; (ii) a statement of support for his preferred presidential candidate (if no pledge is submitted, delegate will run as uncommitted on ballot); and (iii) a $150 fee with the Alabama Republican Executive Committee. Also, each delegate candidate must specify whether a candidate for CD or
AL and designate the delegate place number for election. The candidate must designate the delegate place number to which he desires election, and he may not be a candidate for more than one delegate position. Id.

Step 2 – Presidential/Delegate Primary Election

Purpose: To allocate, select and bind the top vote-getting delegates committed
to each qualified presidential candidate.

Timing: 6/1/04

Qualifications: Closed primary only open to members of the Republican Party. See
Ala. Code § 17-16-14.

Process: In any district where a presidential candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, the top 3 vote-getters from that candidate’s delegate slate are awarded, or; in any district where no presidential candidate receives a majority of the vote, the presidential candidate with the most votes receives the top 2 delegates from his slate and the next highest presidential candidate receives 1 delegate from his slate (subject to the 15% minimum in the CD). If only 1 delegate receives 15% or more of the vote, that candidate receives all 3 delegates. AL delegates are allocated on a proportional basis with a 15% minimum statewide threshold, and are selected from each qualified candidate’s at-large slate in order of the number of votes each delegate received. ¶ 6. AL alternate delegates are selected by the Alabama Republican Executive Committee at the summer meeting held June – August. CD alternate delegates are elected by the members of each Congressional District Committee. ¶ 8.

Step 3 – Certification of Delegates

Purpose: To ensure that all delegates have proper credentials and are certified to act as delegates to the national convention.
Timing: After the Chairman of the Alabama Republican Executive Committee determines number and geographic distribution of delegate positions to which each presidential candidate is entitled.
Process: The Chairman certifies pledged delegates to the 2004 national convention.¶ 8.

Step 4 – Organizing Convention Delegation

Purpose: To select national convention delegation chairman and choose committee persons.
Timing: Promptly following selection of delegates.
Process: National Party Rules require the election of a delegation chairman, as well as one (1) man and one (1) woman for each of the four (4) Convention Committees, including: Committee on Resolutions (Platform), Committee on Credentials, Committee on Rules and Order of Business, and Committee on Permanent Organization. States are required to file notice with the RNC Secretary the selection of these committee members and their state delegation chairman.

Alternate delegates may not serve as delegation chairman or as members of the convention committees (RNC Rules, Rule 40(a)).

Elector Selection

Purpose: To select presidential electors.
Timing: 9/6/04: Nominating petition and certification must be filed with Secretary of State. Ala. Code § 17-19-2.
Process: Presidential certificate of nomination by national convention must be accompanied by a list of names and addresses of qualified voters of Alabama who will serve as presidential electors. Each person listed must execute a statement of allegiance to party’s presidential candidate. Id.

Table of Authorities

2004 Presidential Preference Primary Resolution.
Alabama Code § 17-19-2.