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06-09-2007, 05:51 AM
Hey everyone,

New here to the forum, nice to see so many Ron Paul supporters! I have an idea for getting Ron Paul websites, forums, etc out there for all to see.

I am a stay-at-home mom and run a home business using internet marketing techniques.

One of the methods I use to bring hundreds of views to my home biz site every single day is traffic exchanges. There are many many exchanges out there, but after research and trial & error, I have found 6-7 that I use every week that have a HUGE member base and therefore bring a broad range of people to my site every day. I think this would be a great way to advertise Ron Paul!

Here's a very simple overview of how they work.

1) You register on the exchange
2) Go into the members area, click on the "add my site" or "my websites" button
3) Add the website you want to promote
4) To get your site shown, you surf other members sites on a timer. Usually 10 seconds or so per site. When the timer runs out, you click on the the next site.
5) In exchange for your clicks, your site is shown to others.

**I have found that by using FireFox tabbed browser with the ad-on "No Script" from Firefox, I am able to safely and quickly surf 5 or 6 sites at once and build up massive credits.

**It may be hard to do this with dial up, but is fast and easy with cable/dsl connection.

**Do not use "busy" sites, audio, or video. Your site will not load in time for people to view it. It's best to use a "splash" page, or very simple site with a bold graphic, bold headline, and one call to action such as "add your email here to sign up for our newsletter".

I am going to begin using some of my daily credits on the exchanges to have a Ron Paul site seen...I'm just searching now for the best one to use as I have not found any splash pages.

If you'd like to give it go, here are a few of the exchanges I use:


Contact me if you'd like more, or do a search online for traffic exchanges, keeping in mind that they should have a large member base (they will usually say on the site how many members they have).

Best regards!


ps- if anyone knows of a good page to advertise, let me know.