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10-10-2010, 09:06 AM
Anyone who has been in the political realm for any extended period of time, knows that in October the media blitz starts. Incumbents generally have more money, more commercials, radio ads, etc.

So my question: Is Dr. Lawson ready for it?

Price is about to wage a media blitz like no other. He is going to fear monger, regarding Dr. Lawson, toward the people, especially on the issue of entitlements and health care. Dr. Lawson has given him way to many sound bites, which I'm sure will be taken out of context to make them sound worse than they already do, stating he wishes to see the elimination or cutting back on entitlements. I know you all are like "YEA THATS GREAT." Well,you aren't in NC4th and let me tell you...that isn't a good thing.

His entire attack strategy toward Price is to compare him to Pelosi. This will not work, especially when the man holding the camera at his last debate went "Thats a good thing" after Dr. Lawson said Price had voted with Pelosi more than any other house rep. Comparing this man to Pelosi will not work, this strategy was good for Dr. Lawson's base voters, which he has already drawn the maximum from the "anti-obama/pelosi" effect. Over the course of the next 3weeks, give or take, he must do nothing but go after David Price's base. Comparing Price to Pelosi will not work.

Obviously, as many of you know, I have repeatedly asked Dr. Lawson to aggressively push for Glass-Steagall (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gramm%E2%80%93Leach%E2%80%93Bliley_Act).(link is to the repealing legislation) He said he would, and he has kept his word. To me, at least, that commands respect. Not simply for the fact that he has held true to his word, but rather he understands it is the easiest most effective, fair, patriotic bipar way to immediately stop the hyper-inflationary insanity at the FED and a collapse of our community banks.

There is a huge rebellion in North Carolina in the democratic party,and dem leaning indys, with specific petitions with thousands of signatures to reinstate Glass-Steagall. I had no idea the wildfire that Dr. Lawson's signature on a document supporting Glass-Steagall would start in this State. After I put out the word he had signed it, essentially it made its way to Elaine Marshall who is running against Richard Burr. She gathered 2700 signatures on a petition to have Burr demand Glass-Steagall be re-implemented. He immediately wrote this (http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/232282/burr-reinstitute-glass-steagall-robert-costa) Op-Ed on Glass-Steagall during the financial "reform" process.

I had an idea, but it has developed into something of its own, despite the lack of support for it and Dr. Lawson, generally, in this cycle from RPFs. It came way to late in the game, what little has come, to consider this man to be one of the first flagship candidates in this movement. If he loses we can only blame ourselves, it will be us that failed him. Well not entirely us, some blame can be put on the asshole who was asleep on the couch at his 'new' Cary HQ when I walked in on Saturday, or maybe the guy behind the desk that had no idea Dr. Lawson was about to be "on the record" live on TV. Just saying...theres a damn Campaign going on...and there are far to many idle hands on deck.

He must abandon this approach, at least in all air/tv/debate time, of this "He votes with Pelosi more than anyone else!" strategy. He must call out the inherent idiocy of Price repealing Glass-Steagall which was signed into law by FDR. He needs to specifically site FDR as president who signed it into law, to attack Price's base. A lot of them know what Glass-Steagall is, a lot of them know FDR was the president...but a lot of people, especially older people, don't always put "two and two together." He can do this without standing up for FDR, in reality he has to do it without standing up for FDR, and he is a great Orator and I know he can do it.

He must begin, right now, to point out that state funding for Medicare/caid was cut by Heath care Reform, and Price voted for it...while at the same time accusing Lawson of wishing to cut entitlements.

These are the ways Lawson will -survive- the media blitz and have any chance in hell at beating David Price.

He needs to go to Chapel Hill just to show he has the balls to do it, if nothing else. An education/health care forum on, or around, UNC campus would be great. The Daily Tarheel would be all over it and it goes out to just about everyone on campus.

Take it for whats it worth, but I've busted my ass for Dr. Lawson, and I know what I speak is accurate and true regarding strategy. There is nothing that Price would want more than for Dr. Lawson to continue his current "Pelosi" strategy.

This race is close, and can be won. Don't give up, we have 3 weeks. Please, as an activist on the ground, a democrat, I ask you to donate or organize for Dr. Lawson to defeat David Price....something that is so close, and more possible now than ever, to being realized.


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10-10-2010, 09:09 AM
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10-10-2010, 10:10 AM
I was trying to play on words with the title; like "surprice!" but i scrapped it at the end and spellcheck fail on the title. :cool: