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10-05-2010, 02:43 AM

“Matt Taibbi’s latest blog post demonstrates again the reality disconnect that’s required by the dual jobs of providing cover for President Obama while still trying to display lefty street cred with an attack on the latest obscene tax break for multi-millionaires. Taibbi’s post is by appearances about how a 50% tax break on hedge fund income has successfully survived Obama’s first two years and likely his entire time in office. But the focus of the piece is not Obama. He’s mentioned only once and not in a negative light, in paragraph 11:

Naturally [the tax break] became a campaign issue in 2008. McCain, of course, supported keeping the carried interest exemption. Obama promised to end it. And indeed, toward the tail of his second legislative season, the Democrats took up the issue on the Hill.

Now wait, wouldn’t the 2008 presidential campaign and that Obama promise be the perfect time to stick this into the post:


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