View Full Version : Getting Jake Towne back INTO the debate

09-22-2010, 08:41 AM
Creating ignorant voters by barring a candidate is not an action the press should be guilty of!! If you wish to help fight this, please follow these instructions.
1st: please fully read Jake's response and spread it to family and friends. Post on social networking sites.
2nd: please write a letter to the editor about this situation to the Morning Call (http://www.mcall.com/news/opinion/all-submitletters,0,1896250.customform) and/or the Express Times (http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/opinion/sendaletter/).
The Morning Call might not print your letter, for sake of competition, I'm sure the Express Times will.
3rd: We need to politely voice our displeasure at the Morning Call's decision to have this "5% requirement" by calling and/or emailing Mr. Peter Leffler, one of the main editors on the Metro Desk of the Morning Call. (610-820-6567 peter.leffler@mcall.com)
Writing letters and contacting Mr. Leffler are both #1 priorities.

We must create such an outcry that the Morning Call rescinds it's ">5% polling" precondition and allows Jake Towne into the debate.

In Liberty,
Rebekah Forney
Towne For Congress Volunteer Web Coordinator