View Full Version : John Dennis needs to make an issue out of Democrats deserting Pelosi in droves

09-17-2010, 10:28 PM
John Dennis absolutely MUST use the following information in his campaign against Pelosi.

Item #1
"I think it is incumbent on Speaker Pelosi to step aside," Carter said, pointing to a Sunday column in The Daily News Journal by Stephen Shirley describing Pelosi as an "albatross" around the neck of Democratic candidates.

Item #2 comes from a supposed "White House insider"
Interviewer: "So who is to blame?"
Anonymous Insider: "We all are. By we I mean those of us who were working within the party power structure the last ten years or so. We got so caught up in the hate Bush mentality, we let the party get hijacked by our own far left. That was disaster the moment it happened. The disaster that will be the midterm election in 2010 started in November of 2006 when Pelosi and Reid took over the Democrat Party. Those two have only brought trouble to the Democrat Party since day one of that time.

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