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I don't know if this topic has been discussed before because I haven't taken the time to search through the thousands of threads so I will just start this thread anyway.

I was thinking the other day. I love star wars and used to watch it from the point of view of a neo-con type who supported the republic and the jedi. Then I thought about it in the context of the American Civil War. Now, first you must exclude the Sith controlling both sides part in order to understand my view point (which by the way the Separatists did not know about). In the film the Republic is painted as the good guy that is being undermined and destroyed by the Emperor. The separatists are seen as being bad. There are some scenes where the goodness or badness of the Republic/Separatists are discussed, but overall, the Republic is seen as basically the good side. Now, some things I am not sure about in the story like why exactly the separatists are leaving the Republic in the first place (except that Dooku tells Obi Wan that the Sith are controlling the Republic so maybe that is it). During the story some planets leave the Republic and are called separatists.

YouTube - Star Wars Episode 2 - Main Title (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5WClCUDNz8&feature=fvw)

This is obviously opposed by the Republic who immediately begin debating the idea of creating an army for their defense and are determined to not let the separatists leave the Republic.

YouTube - Star Wars - Attack Of The Clones Part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4Lh2zUY-qI&feature=related)

I am not sure why they assume that war and attack are imminent because it is not explained but the fact that they seem unsure about the war tells me that it is just fear and speculation.

Later a series of events unfolds that leds to war between the two sides. The war is started because of a hostage situation that results in the separatists firing the first shots, even though it can be debated as to whether it was their fault. The war sees the defeat of the separatists, the creation of an empire, the destruction of liberty, and an eventual rebellion to overthrow the empire many years later.

YouTube - How Liberty Dies (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNAHjsAnTd4)

This seems to mirror the American civil war with many parallels. I will not stress each one in order to preserve some form of brevity, but I will note that I no longer see the separatists as the bad guys, much like I no longer see the South as the bad guys. I do not know the separatists reasons for leaving the Republic, but I can see from studying history that the South was one of the major grounding factors keeping the Union small and even in the 1830s Tocqueville in Democracy in America stated that he thought that, bar a major event, the federal gov. would diminsh in strength while the states would increase. Yet after the Civil War, the federal gov., much like the Empire, has continued to increase in strength and democracy and liberty have diminshed. In the end this was the Emperors hopes (besides destroying the Jedi) just like in many ways others used the Civil War to support theirs. In both cased the wrong side seems to have won and the result was not good for both sides. One thing that does give me hope is that in star wars, while the separatists at the time were seen as being evil by the majority of the planets, the rebellion was praised for bringing down the empire. I hope that one day, while many in the South are today seen as just evil racists, one day those fighting against abuses in the federal government will be praised.

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I think a parallel with the civil war was what was intended. WWII I know was the intent for the original trilogy. With the civil war parallel, you could compare the two also because the vast majority of Southerners were morally opposed to slavery and supported the Southern cause because of the issue of the tariff and the simple want for self-determination as opposed to Northern domination that was continuing to increase. However, many of the political leaders of the Confederacy were in it for slavery's preservation. In a similar way, the average separatist is simply trying to free himself from a galactic tyranny whereas the leaders are in league with a Sith Lord.

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I was also thinking about how the Jedi and sith represent the two parties. At first I supported the Jedi but then I realized that were the real cause of the empire because of views about love. I think that both the sith and Jedi were wrong and in the end they were both evil because they destroyed the republic. In the end though the true path emerged with Luke who was a new kind of Jedi. In the end it was lukes embrace of love and freedom that saved the rebellion. I see the republicans as being similar to the Jedi.

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Or you could look at it as a parable of false flag terrorism.

YouTube - Star Wars & False Flag Terrorism HD (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0fDUoudO7w&feature=player_embedded)


I look at the Republic as US.
The Empire is obviously the NWO. :D