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09-12-2010, 09:25 AM
Russ Feingold (http://russfeingold.org/) is one of the better Democrats in Congress, having been the only Senator to vote against the PATRIOT Act. He probably has the best record on civil liberties of any sitting Senator, and is even quite strong on gun rights. He also has a habit of opposing major Democratic initiatives from the left (doesn't matter why he opposes it, so long as he opposes it), such as the finreg bill, and he nearly derailed PPACA by refusing to vote for it without a "public option."

However, the fact remains that he still is a far-left Democrat, and we can do better. His presumed Republican opponent (endorsed by the state and national GOP) is Ron Johnson (http://ronjohnsonforsenate.com/home/). Johnson is very strong on economic liberty (he correctly describes Social Security a a "Ponzi scheme"), but he supports the PATRIOT Act and a neocon foreign policy. If he wins, the general election will be between a candidate strong on personal liberty but weak on economic liberty vs. a candidate strong on economic liberty but weak on personal liberty. However, there is a choice: Johnson has a primary challenger in Dave Westlake (http://www.davewestlake.org/), a strong anti-war (http://www.cbs58.com/index.php?aid=13861) constitutional conservative (http://www.davewestlake.org/lib/subdomain/davewestlake/content/pdfs/63a1da1a8b4b3223ac8a21023b2425c6/Westlake%20v%20Johnson%20LIT.pdf?PHPSESSID=b02b1b4 afe2903e7dd1a1b839281993d). Westlake is the best for liberty among the choices, and the one I would vote for if I lived in Wisconsin.

Bergie Bergeron
09-12-2010, 04:03 PM
Recognizing that there is validity in "Peace through Strength" and that a dynamically-changing world requires us to vigilantly "Trust but Verify," I fully support our military, their global missions, and full funding for all necessary activities, resources, and training to keep them the finest fighting force in the world.