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(And Happy Birthday John!)

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Southern Avenger interviewing Schiff right now!

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Southern Avenger interviewing Schiff right now!

That was good...

From the event page:

We shook the City of San Francisco on Saturday at our Rally where Ron Paul defended our liberties and attacked Washington on the very steps of San Francisco's City Hall. Over a thousand people gathered at the Plaza. Thousands more watched the live streaming video at our site. From the comments we've seen from bloggers and reporters on the scene -- most from the left---- the event rattled the opposition.

Today and tomorrow, we invite you to our online RADIOTHON, where Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, BJ Lawson, Adam Kokesh and other freedom fighters will discuss why I am the only Republican with a chance against Nancy Pelosi.

Consider this: Polling we commissioned in July showed this race is far from over. Over 33% of likely Democrat and Independent voters said if the race were held now they would not vote for her. Another 12% were unsure if they would vote for her. Remember, we took this poll in July after the primary.

I will challenge Nancy Pelosi to a major debate here in San Francisco. We will make sure the media follows her response - or lack of one. It's going to be a pivotal point in the campaign, especially considering how many in her base are undecided about their vote in November.

It will take your donations, to make it happen. We can win the votes. We just have to increase our name recognition. Will you follow this link to make an immediate donation (http://unbouncepages.com/john-dennis-radiothon-money-bomb/clkn/https/www.bachmannforcongress.com/secure/donation1/?initiativekey=DEQ6DWMTJFI3) to help me raise $100,000 in the next 24 hours? I know, with your generous support, you can help me match the support Pelosi is receiving from her far-left supporters dollar for dollar.

Our campaign has built an internet campaign that at one point attracted more hits than any other candidate running for office in the United States. Thanks to your help, I was victorious over our establishment "tow the party line" Republican primary opponent. I have attracted a number of big name endorsements. Our campaign has over 20,000 fans on facebook and is on the verge of surpassing Nancy Pelosi. We have also produced a top-of-the-line viral video campaign advertisement which we will be launching next week. We have less than two months to go and much work to do! Anything you can do to help will be met with gratitude.

I appreciate and am grateful for every single dollar donated to my campaign. I will not let you down. I will fight every day to Election Day, to this very historic Election Day, when the world will see Americans take back their country and government from Nancy Pelosi and her accomplices. Washington will govern within limits and with the will of the people. And every lawmaker who arrogantly ignores the Constitution and the people will be voted out of office, until we have a class of legislators who represent the people.

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If you can, tune in to this guys. Awesome so far...

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Clint Didier just called for Liberty for sake of Almighty God!

WARRRRRRR CLINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!