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09-05-2010, 09:56 AM
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_House_of_Representatives_elections_i n_Washington,_2008

In 2008, WA-2 went 62-38 for the Democrat. Now polling shows the Republican leading by 4. http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=42ee4e0b-d36d-4eed-9d63-4ef5b18d41ce

In 2008, WA-3 went 64-36 for the Democrat. Now (with the incumbent retired), polling shows the Republican leading by 13. http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=a971aa52-73bd-4b3f-9181-6775402a2d77

In 2008, VA-5 went to the Dem in a 50-50 race. Now, polling shows the Republican challenger leading by 26. http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=c99d02f1-c85b-48f7-b4ea-b11209a4dc71

In summary, flipping Lawson from 37% to 50.1% will be tough, but is not impossible, as other districts are being flipped even more. It would be nice to see independent polling of the Lawson race.

09-05-2010, 11:53 AM
We need an independent poll done on this race.

09-06-2010, 01:06 AM
Good post. Any idea what the big news BJ has been pumping in emails for the past week is about?

09-06-2010, 12:42 PM
I haven't been around as much as I used to due to school starting again, but last time I was at his house, there wasn't any talk of it.

Perhaps it's going to be poll results? Maybe an eye-opening piece of opposition research? I'm honestly not sure. I am excited, though.

Graet post, btw, Epic. This should prove to everyone that this is doable.

09-07-2010, 10:02 AM
Im very excited about this race. I would love to see some independent polling. The reception at the debate was very lively.

09-07-2010, 01:20 PM
The news Lawson is exited about is the internal polling he id, which ties him with Price! We've gotta win this seat!

Lawson 45.6%
Price: 45.1%