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Bradley in DC
10-17-2007, 06:09 AM

(includes a link to the video of Dr. Paul's speech)

Ron Paul to Tout Fundraising Power, Top Tier Status in Presser
By Tim Morgan
Oct 17, 2007

Ron Paul equals cash. The Republican nominee for president will tout his Internet prowess for bringing home the dollars is a press conference that will be held at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Will anyone care to cover it? Certainly the "Ron Paul Revolution" will have the presser on YouTube quickly after the fact, but he needs real media coverage.

Ron Paul to Tout Fundraising Power, Top Tier Status in Presser

And Ron Paul is getting little respect and even less coverage. He is set to speak on his fundraising efforts thathave paid off quite nicely he says in a press release where he seems to be calls the "other three top-tier candidates." When did Paul enter the top tier? I'm not sure he has, but it is a good idea to promote it with his cash.


Still in the latest CNN poll Dr. Paul is barely a blip. Now I understand that his supporters don't believe in polls (although they do seem quite enamored with straw polls) but the latest offering from CNN still has him at a paltry two percent. Another pll by Gallup has Paul at five percent placing him below Mike Huckabee of Arkansas.

Does this make him a top tier candidate? Probably not, but it's likely very smart to word it this way. His supporters are a dedicated bunch and certainly are the most tenacious of any of the candidates from either party. However, their numbers still are very low and at some point Paul will have to work his way into the mainstream to have even an outside shot.


It will be very difficult for Dr. Paul to broaden his appeal past his base. Right now he can likely pull in libertarian voters, isolationists and the hard core anti-war voters. I'm not really sure how he can move past those groups, and certainly he will never be able to appeal to very many women without seriously moving on his core issues.

No one expects that but I'll be watching his presser with great interest. I see no reason that he can't elevate the debate.