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09-01-2010, 09:02 AM
After winning several straw polls, Bender is endorsed by FOSTER'S and current polling shows he will beat Hodes.

Jim Bender Endorsed by Foster's Daily Democrat

Hollis, NH- Today, Jim Bender was endorsed by the Foster's Daily Democrat.

Paul Dietterle, Editorial Page Editor, said, "This is an enthusiastic endorsement, make no mistakes about it…This is one we’re happy to make, we’re excited to make."

See what Foster's has to say about Jim Bender:

“Foster's is impressed with his business acumen and success; he's obviously very intelligent; and we believe he will keep his promise to stay above the partisan fray of Washington politics.”

“His campaign is a sterling example of the strong, calm, positive leadership and attitude that has contributed to his success in the business world.”

“He offers a ‘level-headed’ approach that is refreshing in today's wacky world of politics. It will serve him well in the senate. Perhaps with more people like him elected from both parties, our trust in Washington can be restored.”

“Bender offers the experience, the temperament, the strong leadership, and the right positions on issues that should earn him the votes of New Hampshire Republicans in the Sept. 14 primary. More importantly, he's the kind of candidate who should draw strong support from moderate, independent voters, to earn a spot on the November ballot.”

Read the endorsement in its entirety here: Foster's Daily Democrat Endorses Jim Bender


09-01-2010, 09:18 AM
binnie's tv ads in boston have been
joined by those of rep. paul hodes...