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Or at least I think they would be good on this one...remember your comments reflect on the entire movement, so ... be nice! :)

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I get errors when trying to comment. :(

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I get errors when trying to comment. :(


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He might have turned comments off. :) I commented twice already .... maybe move on to somewhere else.

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My response:

I won't say much about Ron Paul - I'm just some random guy who I doubt many of you have ever heard of. I let Dr. Paul's voting record as a 9 term Republican congressman speak for itself. Check it out, read up on his issues and message yourself, and come to your own conclusions. If you're interested in learning more and speaking to folks who support the message and Dr. Paul's campaign, we're around.

I think Jimmy's sentiment is sadly quite bogus, but upon looking at the username, I'd say it's possible that it's just tongue-in-cheek silliness. Dr. Paul is drawing support from the "left", sure, and from the "right", and from plenty of folks who are fed up with one-dimensional right/left politics, too. As far as "the base", I'm not sure that there is a coherent "base" anymore. If the base supports the Bush, Giuliani, and friends rhetoric camp, then I'd say it excludes the vast majority of US citizens. If the "base" are folks who support things like remaining in Iraq virtually indefinitly, or the recently-defeated amnesty bill, or more 'business-as-usual' politics, then I'd peg it as being as insignifigant as Jimmy here pegs Dr. Paul's campaign.

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If you are getting errors, it's possibly because you forgot to fill in the captcha. It's not immediately apparent that it is a part of the comment submission HTML FORM. Please check it. The box it's in is a different background color and stuff.

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Ron Paul WILL become a household name soon enough. I expect shortly that the mud slinging will start by the other candidates as he is going to require some attention.

Ron Paul epitomizes what the American people are looking for.
Straight talk, sound answers, and a real plan.
Immigration will be dealt with sternly, as it should, and the war in Iraq will be over. His ideals meet both Democrat and Republican viewpoints on many issues, and he alone could help dissolve bipartisan politics.

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same for my two comments, heh. Glad to see you guys on the blog patrol(tm) with me!

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My attempt to add a comment was denied, even after entering the special letters. I will post it hear so I feel the time spent creating it won't go to total waste!!

My unposted comment:

Please consider the possiblity that what we are seeing is the growth of an exciting grassroots political movement forming around the candidacy of Ron Paul. Let time be the judge. By late summer you won't be able to open your eyes without seeing some form of support for Ron Paul. It will become more and more difficult to marginalize his support. Only someone terribly misinformed about his candidacy and his support base would suggest that he appeals on to "die hard libertarians" and 9/11 Truth Advocates.

He is first and foremost the only geniune peace candidate in the race for either party. With no other candidate in either party is there a 100% guarantee that the war will end in the week he/she takes office. Whether you agree with his position on ending the war or not, you still must include the 70% of Americans who want the war to end immediately firmly in his support base. Add to them the following:

1. Those who want to rescue to dollar by returning to a sound money system with a gold/silver backed currency, balance budgets and a small govt with no more corporate subsidies.

2. Those who want to end the federal income tax (more than a few!)

3. Those who support a free and unregulated Internet.

4. Those in health care who want unregulated access to vitamins, supplements and alternative health care treatment (this demographic is a sleeping giant today, but will soon wake).

5. Those who want a responsibly managed immigration policy and an end to an unbridled open-door south border policy with red carpet treatment for illegal entrants in the form of a multitude of social programs.

6. Those committed to 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

7. Those who do not want to see the end of American sovereignty via entrance into the North American Union and the Global Government ambition via the UN, WTO, WHO, and it's other governing organs.

8. Those who love our constitution and are waking to the fact that it's been trampled on and in dire need of resuscitation and defense.

This list can go on, but it already envelopes 80-90% of the American population, meaning that all that's left is raising awareness of who he is and what he's about, and we've got seven more months to make that happen.