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08-06-2010, 07:27 PM
Just curious if there are any new lessons to learn to be shared for this weekend.

Today, I think I almost got in 2 hours of calls. Only made it through 50-60 calls. Got three calls to note, first two maybe in the 10 minute ballback, the third in the 30 minute ballpark.

First call. Guy hates Bush. Based on Peter's very early commercial, he thought Peter was a Bush crony. I had to set the record straight. I think I angered him early because I kept trying to interrupt him telling him this was all wrong. After I shut up, let him speak and I rebutted, he warmed up a little. He was really fed up and wasn't planning on voting, but was impressed by my vigorous defense of Peter and he said he would vote for Peter and he was a man of his word.

Second call. Another guy sounded fed up but was more angry at Bush than Obama. Wasn't going to vote, but was also planning to be out of town. I asked about Absentee rules. Nobody seems to know, but he knows the registrar. But he actually supported the bailouts and said the auto bailout was working. I tried to dispute all that. I think I convinced him that the bank profits are all gambling wins and propped up by free money by the Fed. I didn't have all the auto bailout details. He eventually ceded though that my economic understanding was too strong for him to have a debate, so then I started talking about how politicians want us to think economics is too hard and I pushed How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes. (Crash Proof also came up.) I feel like I should get a commission. I then brought it around saying that Peter isn't running because he is mad at Obama, but he's worried that the policies are the exact same as Bushes and setting up the final Currency Crisis. He said he will look into absentee and likely vote for Peter.

(Anybody know the rules for Absentee in CT? Quick Google suggests if the request is received by mail by Monday, it's okay, but I'm not sure how you get the ballot if its that late. Maybe you can walk in?)

Third call. Korean War veteran. Doesn't like any of the politicians. Said a lot of things about precious metals, oil, and inflation that sounded a lot like Peter so I had to keep telling him that. Didn't like the spending, the unions, the wars, and corrupt politicians. Never heard of Peter Schiff though. He says he reads all the papers and never watches TV. I figured that was part of the problem and told him that the Republican establishment is doing its best to ignore Peter and the press considers McMahon a done deal even though the race looks like it is going to be much closer than they think. Couldn't convince him on health care because his Canadian friend got care there for a specific issue. But in the end, he didn't seem committed to voting yet, but he said I gave a good presentation of Peter and he will strongly consider it.

At this point it was 8:45, and I got the message that 'This campaign has ended.'

Other calls. Several people telling me they aren't going to vote.

Didn't encounter any McMahon or Simmons supporters, though one person declined to say.

Surprised that some people still didn't know the election was Tuesday. After my last phone banking attempt, I thought everybody was getting 6 calls a day now.

Conclusions: Peter's defense of capitalism in his early commercial is misconstrued as a defense of Bush policy. If he wins the primary, he needs to retool to show he is not a Bush shill and in fact he was one of the most vocal critics of Bush/Greenspan policies at the time and how that was cronyism, not capitalism.

We also need to know about Absentee policies. This was the second time it's come up for me.

Jim McClarin
08-06-2010, 08:55 PM
For a good many decades now focus groups have registered a negative impression of "capitalism" and a positive impression of "free enterprise" leading experienced campaign managers to advise their candidates to use "free enterprise' and NOT "capitalism." Too bad Peter doesn't believe in campaign managers.