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Will do, thanks for the links to these stories.

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Libertarian Peter Schiff, who questions the war in Afghanistan as well as the war on drugs, might find himself at times more at home with independent thinkers like Vermont's Bernie Sanders in the U.S. Senate than his new Tea Party patriot buddies.

Simmons is the Red Sox of 2004, trying to steal the race from the Evil Empire.

Rick Green is scum.

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Tried to respond to most all of these and Citizen says will post after approval but there are 0 comments thus far. Hartford currant I registered with all the info and logged in but when I click post it just sits there and does nothing. When I click preview it shows my message. Only 4 posts there. Did anyone else try to post and have problems? Here was my message.

When I grew up the philosophy from my parents and grandparents was that if you don't have the money on hand to purchase something, don't buy it. I think it is a good message to purchase a vehicle that you can afford to own.
I live in Connecticut. Have been unemployed for several years. Our family of four live off of one income. I attend school at the age of 49 and intend on graduating in December. I have owned a business that I had to close in 2004 after 15 years. I filed bankruptcy in 2005. We live with what money we have and have never been happier. If we cannot afford it we don't buy it!
I am not a fat cat rich business person. I have no retirement savings and 2 more children that are in middle school.
I have donated to Schiff more than once because he is correct!
This country and its occupants need to stop spending and start saving!
This guy is real and lives by his convictions and has done so for many years even when everyone thought he was wrong.
Guess what he was right1
Vote Peter Schiff on August 10

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