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08-04-2010, 01:14 AM
TORRINGTON — U.S. Senatorial candidate and author Peter Schiff spoke to members of the Torrington Rotary Club on Tuesday, and touted fiscal responsibility as a top priority in the senate.

“Government is too big right now. They are the ones who have inflated the current housing bubble,” Schiff said. “Something needs to change in Washington.”

Nearly 100 members and guests attended the Rotary’s meeting, which has spotlighted candidates running for various state offices during the last few months.

Schiff spoke for about 20 minutes, during which time the audience sat and listened quietly, laughing politely at his jokes during his talk.

During his presentation, Schiff equated the federal stimulus funding — including government bailouts to faltering banks across the nation, to drinking alcohol, saying, “It’s the same, they gave us a quick solution and we got drunk from it.

“The recession is like a hangover,” he continued. “And here they are with more alcohol. We can either take the money and do stupid things, like people do when they get drunk, or we can save the money and get sober.”

“People need to start saving money and consuming less,” Schiff said. “Eighty-five percent of Americans who buy cars take out a loan. In China, 90 percent of the people spend cash for a car. That’s a true economy right there. If you only have $5,000, don’t buy a car that costs $45,000; buy a used car for the $5,000 you have.”

Schiff believes that he is the only candidate out of the three challenging Republicans who can beat state’s Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the Democrat running for the seat in November. He said that people generally don’t like lawyers and don’t like politicians, and Blumenthal is both.

Schiff has been hard on the campaign trail during the last month in preparation for the Aug. 10 Republican primary, when he will run against former state representative Rob Simmons of Stonington and newcomer Linda McMahon of Greenwich.

“I want to undo the damage before it’s too late,” Schiff said. “I want to slash the size of the government. We need a dramatic reduction in the size of the government.”

In 2007, Schiff authored the bestselling “Crash Proof” in which he warned that upon the economic downturn, the federal government would misread the situation, overreact and propose solutions that would actually undermine any possible recovery.

As he predicted, Schiff says, the government has grown at an exponential rate and has choked off the free market system from bringing economic renewal.

Schiff maintains that government intervention through regulation, stimulus programs, and corporate bailouts can only worsen our economic crisis.

“Obama didn’t learn from the Bush and Greenspan stimulus packages, he just made them larger, and thus worse,” Schiff said.



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They don't allow comments from Europeans?

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