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07-05-2010, 10:02 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

My name is Matthew and I will be a senior in high school this upcoming fall. I am part of the Young Americans for Liberty, as well as the Campaign for Liberty, and I am happy to announce that I will be abe attending the "National Young Leaders Conference" in Washington DC. I was nominated to attend by my U.S. History teacher.

The National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC) is designed to instruct and enrich promising students in a hands-on, experiential atmosphere while preparing them for a lifetime of leadership.

NYLC offers students the opportunity to discuss current events and issues with top policy makers in Washington, D.C., analyze concepts and then put them immediately to work. This dynamic program features creative decision-making simulations that challenge young minds to solve problems and lead their peers through role-playing exercises in an energy-charged environment far from the traditional classroom experience.


Iím super excited to bring liberty and freedom- driven ideals to this conference!