View Full Version : "Republican" Tom Cole Attacks Steele and Defends Obama's War in Afghanistan?

07-05-2010, 11:45 AM
Challenger to Tom Cole, a 19yr Veteran— who has been activated for the Afghanistan Surge – RJ Harris, has issued the following response to Cole’s call for Steele’s resignation and Cole’s support for Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy.

“We should not be surprised when Tom Cole, one of the Democrat's staunchest allies in the Congress, comes to Obama's aid as the President's inability to perform as Commander-in-Chief is called into question by GOP Chair Michael Steele. Clearly, the Chairman's comments have been taken out of context by the Left and its liberal/progressive allies in the GOP, to deflect from their collective lack of foreign policy leadership over the last decade. Putting conventional forces directly in harm’s way and making them easy targets for terrorists, who can now walk-to-work rather than expose themselves, has NOT made the Republic safer and has in-fact stretched the military, and the Republic's, limited resources past the breaking point. In all things, elected officials need to be good stewards of the people's resources; Chairman Steele was right to point out that what is going on in Afghanistan today is a giant example of Obama's waste of our blood and treasure due to political inexperience and lack of effective leadership. Of course, having voted for bailouts, stimulus and funding for Planned Parenthood, Tom Cole would know a thing or ‘three’ about government waste.”

RJ Harris has written extensively on constitutional foreign policy, the War on Terror, and the Battle in Afghanistan. Harris’s blog “What Would General George Washington do in Afghanistan; Lose the Battle, Win the War?” more fully addresses this issue and was published well before this current grandstanding attempt by Tom Cole. You can read this blog here http://www.rjharris2010.com/whatwouldwashingtondo.asp.

07-05-2010, 02:50 PM
ya, do the people in your district support the war? how are they receiving your message of non-interventionism

07-07-2010, 10:36 AM
RJ's message has been winning over the district substantially.