View Full Version : "The REAL Reason for the Decay of MSM or When It's Right to Write"

06-07-2007, 09:21 PM

Interesting analysis of the decline and fall of the MSM.

This is the comment DooDahs added, which I think applies to the reason the MSM is so desperate to keep RP coverage as nonexistent as possible:

"It is by a small group of individuals for a small group of individuals." I would disagree here. MSM is by a small group of individuals and for mass consumption. This leads into a source of "value" in media that you did not identify, and that is the ability to influence thought and opinion. This has been probably the major value creation venue of the MSM, going at the very least all the way back to the 1770's when a small group of agitators who happened to own some printing presses got to work, and continuing into the next decade, when "Federalist" papers were widely published, but "anti-Federalist" papers weren't. This process has only accelerated since then.

This is also part of the reason MSM "artificially" places itself on a higher plane. They imagine themselves as leaders of the great unknowing and unwashed.

It is common knowledge that any thought outside of a thin band of publicly expressible opinion doesn't get airplay, or when it does, it gets marginalized, ignored, or derided. The current "debate" structure and an analysis of questions asked and airtime granted clearly shows the slant.

It is because of this slant, and because the main purpose of MSM is control of information and thought (with entertainment a close second), that the "ability to share, comment and collaborate" scares the SHIT out of MSM.

MSM could be more effective if they would create more original content, integrate it better, and stimulate users more. But the MSM will never go the route of democratizing content, as that would be counter to their primary purpose."