View Full Version : For those in Wisconsin's Third District: Please help with Mike Krsiean's petitioning

Badger Paul
06-30-2010, 10:23 PM
This email is going out to all of you that have been an
encouragement and blessing to me for a great part of the campaign. Thank
you for taking your time to express interest, encouragement and even the
things you have done. I GREATLY appreciate it (not for my sake but for
our kids and the nation we will be giving them).

I appeal directly and heavily to you - my most vocal of
supporters. Any help that you could give us with obtaining signatures is
now critical.

My wife and I alone have been unable to meet our goal. We've collected
350 so far but we are far from the original goal of 1500. I'm working a
full time job, doing what I can on the campaign, working the farm (in the
hay field till 11 or midnight some nights trying to get hay cut) and still
trying to be a Dad and husband. I can't even get to my second engineering
consulting job and will probably lose that. The absolute minimum is 1000
approved signatures. Some will get taken off due to technicalities and
such....so the extra 500 was margin. Now, I'd be ecstatic to get 1200.

Even if you only collect 50 each - that would provide a glimmer of hope.
100 each and we'd be sitting fairly comfortably and might be able to get
the rest by ourselves. We've got 13 days (July 13) now to gain the remaining needed
signatures or Krsiean doesn't make the ballot.

Can you imagine the national coverage we'd receive for the third district
if an independent with ZERO budget won a national House race?! That
spotlight, combined with my message of Constitutional Chaining of the
government and unrelenting vocalization of our agenda would launch the third district into a national leadership role. They wouldn't know what to do with us because I would answer not to ANY party boss, but to the Constitution and our constituents ALONE. And all of you would have made it possible.

Please, any signatures you could get us may mean the difference between
ballot or no ballot. As you go around, notice the distain for both of the
parties....BUT as independents, notice the enormous support we have among
the majority of the people you approach! :)

Annie and I will be working the Hudson, WI. Parade and followup celebrations
afterward this coming Saturday. Will you join us?

God Bless!

www.krsieanforcongress.com (http://www.krsieanforcongress.com)