View Full Version : Federal Gov. Ineffective at Solving Unemployment Problem -John Dennis

06-26-2010, 06:15 PM
For John Dennis, opposition to government bailouts is a pivotal issue. Since the beginning, supporters have erroneously associated bailing out banks with job creation. With each passing day the inefficiency of bailouts and other government measures to provide jobs is becoming more apparent.

Many were distraught to hear that the gain perceived in employment was mostly attributed to government jobs; namely, the census. To make matters worse, census whistleblowers have divulged that they were hired and fired several times. As you can imagine, this would dramatically increase the amount of “jobs” created. The length the Federal government will go to spin statistics is simply amazing.

The private sector is at the mercy of a sick economy, plagued by the irresponsible actions of “casino-capitalists” bankers. With more than 90 banks missing their May 17th payment for the original TARP bailouts, entrepreneurs continue to meet difficulties shopping for business loans. The response of the House, as expected, was to pass a $30 billion small business lending package last week.

This $30 billion isn’t going directly to citizen entrepreneurs, but rather will be funneled through the banks. This way they can leverage the funds and turn that $30 billion into a cool $300 billion (fractional reserve banking), a fact blatantly used as a selling point. If this isn’t a direct encouragement for further inflation, nothing is. Congress rarely passes an opportunity to exacerbate the failure of our fiat currency. As John reminds us, inflation is “especially dangerous because it is a back door tax that eats away purchasing power now” and into the future.

We need responsible representatives who understand not only economics, but history. Currently it appears Congress is rife with members who avoid both of these vital subjects. John Dennis knows well the dangers posed by the Federal Reserve. As a constitutionalist, he encourages reverting back to sound money— such as gold and silver, the only form of money mentioned specifically in our Constitution. Until this matter is addressed, real solutions to our economic crisis will not be found.