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06-23-2010, 10:13 PM

" Early check of candidates on "card check"
by Joe Arnold


Posted on June 23, 2010 at 11:35 AM

Only five of the 13 candidates for federal office in Kentucky have returned a questionnaire about their position on the Employee Free Choice Act, or "card check."

In the U.S. Senate race, Republican Rand Paul returned the questionnaire, opposed to "card check." Democrat Jack Conway did not return the survey, but has stated publicly that he is in favor of EFCA....

CPKJ Receives Questionnaire Responses From Candidates

Coalition Works To Secure Answers From Others Seeking Federal Office

Lexington, KY (June 23, 2010) – Today, the Coalition to Protect Kentucky Jobs (CPKJ) released the initial responses to its questionnaire on the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA) from candidates seeking federal office. Questionnaire responses, along with voting records and public statements will be used by CPKJ to help educate voters on where candidates stand concerning the job‐killing EFCA.

In their responses, Rand Paul, candidate for U.S. Senate and Andy Barr, Todd Lally and Michael Hansen, candidates for U.S. House, stated their opposition to EFCA, which would result in lost jobs and devastate small business owners throughout Kentucky. Each pledged to oppose any legislation that eliminates the secret ballot or allows a government arbitrator to force businesses and workers into contracts without their approval.

“I applaud those who have returned the questionnaire and have voiced their agreement with the majority of Kentuckians who believe the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act is job‐killing legislation,” said Scott Jennings, state director for the Coalition to Protect Kentucky Jobs (CPKJ). “Small businesses in Kentucky serve as the backbone of the state’s economy and they will appreciate the support.”

Two weeks ago, CPKJ sent a questionnaire to all candidates running for federal office in Kentucky, asking their position on EFCA and the provisions that make up the legislation. To date, five of the 13 candidates have responded.

“We hope the other candidates will respond soon,” said Jennings. “I think it’s telling that, while Jack Conway has yet to return his survey and has publicly declared his support for all parts of the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act, others like Rep. John Yarmuth, have expressed that they don’t necessarily support the legislation as written. We hope Mr. Conway and other candidates seeking federal office in Kentucky will return their questionnaires so citizens can see for themselves where they stand on all the provisions of this job‐killing legislation.”

I definitely think Conway should come out of hiding long enough to make it clear to Kentucky where he stands on this issue.