View Full Version : A different lie by Conway: "My opponent says its unAmerican to hold BP accountable"

06-20-2010, 07:35 AM
"Yet, my opponent, Rand Paul, has argued that “accidents happen” and it’s “un-American” to hold BP accountable for the greatest environmental disaster in our nation’s history."


Now that's really odd, and Conway could have cleared up his mistake by attending the energy event he dropped at the last minute this week. There, speaking to an audience from the oil and gas industry, Rand very clearly REPEATED his ongoing statement that BP should pay for the clean up.

" "I don't like the idea of judging people before they're found guilty," Paul said. "I also don't think it's good for the cleanup effort to try to put BP out of business. I want BP to pay for it.

"I'm all for BP making profit and I'm all for you making profit. But you recognize ... that you have responsibilities, too. There was an accident, there are responsibilities. I think BP recognizes that."


Conway doesn't seem to adhere to the truth, much.

YouTube - Busted! Jack Conway Lies! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhbEkVVUU6Q)

06-20-2010, 09:21 AM
My take on what an official response should include something alone the lines of 'Our rights and our liberties as citizens must include an equal responsibility for our actions. Big government would have you believe that everyone is incapable of being responsible and that only government can be trusted. Government bureaucracy enabled BP to hide responsibility behind claims of meeting government regulations. Its time for BP to be directly accountable to the public and for our government to stop interfering with efforts of local communities to protect themselves by insisting that more of the same bureaucracy that caused this mess be used to treat it. Lets get the barges and the dredges moving to protect the marshes and bays of the gulf coast and lets get the government off people. BP will be held accountable under equality of the law, not because of a frustrated incompetent federal bureaucracy that is just seeking someone to blame.'