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06-16-2010, 03:52 PM
Support Bernie De Castro, Constitution Party Florida, for U.S. Senate‏
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-Tuesday, June 15, 2010-

Bernie De Castro Stands Up For Americans
In Strong Bid For U.S Senate Seat In Florida!

Running one of the strongest and most aggressive statewide races in the nation for the Constitution Party in 2010 is Bernie De Castro, our nominee for the US Senate seat in Florida. De Castro is the first Constitution Party candidate ever to qualify for the United States Senate ballot in Florida, where it is easy for the party to get on the ballot, but very difficult for the party's candidates (other than President) to qualify for the ballot.

Bernie De Castro is relatively new to the Constitution Party, but he has quickly impressed Constitution Party leaders, members and activists around the country with his dedication, his attitude and his intention to run a campaign designed to win in this very high profile election. De Castro's campaign is very serious and competitive and extremely active all over the Sunshine State. Bernie's campaign message is bringing out the best of what the Constitution Party's platform has to offer.

Particularly popular are his positions in support of the interests of America's working people, as exemplified by the following two key position statements:

Bernie’s stand on N.A.F.T.A. and C.A.F.T.A.
"I believe that one of the most destructive policies ever implemented was our policy on Free Trade. The North American Free Trade Agreement (N.A.F.T.A.) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (C.A.F.T.A.) should be repealed and the Federal Government should create tax incentives for companies to bring their businesses back to America. These policies are destroying jobs in America and destroying our free-market economy."---Bernie De Castro
Bernie’s stand on illegal immigration
"If the Federal government doesn’t like Arizona’s illegal immigration policy, then let them secure our borders immediately. Make it a top priority. We all know that is not going to happen because the Obama administration is moving toward amnesty so they can secure that voting block. I am in total agreement with Governor Brewer. Not only that, but unlike Marco Rubio, I believe that all illegals should be immediately deported including their children even if they were born in the U.S.A."--Bernie De Castro

For an in depth review of Bernie's stand on other important issues please visit: http://www.electbernie.com/issues/


Bernie's Remarkable Story

Bernie DeCastro is a unique individual. In spite of his checkered past, Bernie DeCastro is respected all over the State of Florida. From his troubled teenage years until his spiritual rebirth in 1981, Bernie spent almost 19 years locked up in Florida’s criminal justice system for mostly drug related crimes culminating with a life sentence in 1976 for a series of drug store robberies. Since his parole from prison in 1984, Bernie has dedicated his life to keeping Florida’s citizens safe by helping inmates and ex-inmates live productive law-abiding lives.
In 1987, Bernie DeCastro founded Time for Freedom, Inc., (TFF) a faith-based, Florida non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to prisoners and to provide transitional reentry services to ex-offenders. Ten years after being paroled, Governor Lawton Chiles granted Bernie a full pardon.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush was so impressed by Bernie’s transformation and his reputation as a leader in Florida’s faith community that he proclaimed Bernie as “…One of my heroes,” and appointed him to the Task Force on Self-Inflicted Crimes, the Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council, the Faith-Based Advisory Council and the Ex-Offender Task Force.

In 2008, Bernie DeCastro founded the Florida Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) statewide, grassroots organization whose purpose is to develop, organize and promote the prisoner reentry initiative to confront and attack the vicious cycle of addiction, crime, incarceration and recidivism.

If you ask Bernie what his most important role is he will tell you it is to be a good father to his five children (from 9 to 19) and to see that they grow up with a love for God, for themselves and for others as well as a love and appreciation for the United States of America and an understanding of our Constitution and the history of this great nation.

2008 Founded the Florida Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition www.feorc.org
2008 Ran for the Florida House of Representative
2006 Appointed by Governor Bush to sit on the Statewide Governor’s Ex-Offender Task Force.
2006 Ran for Governor of Florida
2005 Opened a 100-bed private work release center under contract with the Florida Department of Corrections.
2003 Appointed by Governor Bush to The Governor’s Statewide Faith-Based Advisory Board
2002 Opened 40-bed residential transitional aftercare center for men being released from prison.
2002 Appointed to represent Florida’s faith community on the Governor’s statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council.
2002 Elected to the Board of Advisors on the newly formed Addiction Technology Transfer Center.
2001 Nominated by U.S. Congressman Cliff Stearns to represent Florida’s sixth district at the National Faith Based Summit in Washington DC.
2001 Founded and served as Executive Director of The Florida Faith Based Association.
2001 Opened 20-bed residential transitional aftercare center for men released from prison.
2001 Helped pass Senate Bill 912 that funded faith-based ministries providing transitional aftercare for inmates being released from prison.
2000 Appointed by Governor Bush to sit on the Governor’s Task Force on Self-Inflicted Crimes.
1999 Planned, organized and hosted statewide Restorative Justice Ministry Network conference.
1998 Planned, organized and hosted statewide Restorative Justice Ministry Network conference.
1998 Founded Restorative Justice Ministry Network of Florida.
1998 Served as editor and publisher of The Restorative Justice Journal.
1998 Co-founded Restorative Justice Ministry Network of North America.
1996 Developed, directed & produced ministry video, “The Manhood Series” �.
1996 Developed, directed & produced ministry video, “Hope For The Hopeless”.
1994 Ordained as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ by Grace Christian Fellowship.
1991 Developed, directed & produced Award-winning drug prevention video, “Decisions” �.
1991 Developed, directed & produced “The Trauma of Transition.” A video series to help inmates being released from prison understand the issues of transitioning from prison to society.
1987 Founded Time for Freedom, Inc. and serves as president & Executive Director.
1986 Elected to the National Board of Directors, Kairos International Prison Ministry.
To find out more and to support Bernie De Castro please go to www.electbernie.com