View Full Version : Appeal to the party [members]

06-14-2010, 01:01 AM
This weekend I attended the Texas GOP convention. And trust me, there was LOTS of desire to kick out Nancy Pelosi. However, surprisingly nobody knows about efforts to kick her out. I talked to several people, from Ron Paul supporters to social conservatives, who all wanted her gone and DIDNT know about the Dennis campaign.

Even when I mentioned Dennis was more socially tolerant than the average Republican, they didn't care. This was a race they cared about.

I know before the primary Dennis interviewed with many talk radio hosts about his campaign. [In my area I actually heard discussion of his campaign on one radio station months ago]. But now that the primary is over, he is the only challenger to Pelosi for the Republican Party. Party members want a standard-bearer, but now it is time to unite behind him.

But they can't unite behind him when they don't know about him. I think Dennis needs to work on getting some national publicity. If he does, I would be willing to bet the big money would roll in.

06-14-2010, 07:56 AM
He should be getting better treatment and recognition from THIS PLACE.

There's a thread I started that's 3 pages long now asking the Mods to move his forum to the main section with Rand and BJ Lawson now that he's won his primary but nothing has been done.. Very disappointing. :(