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06-11-2010, 08:56 AM
Remarks at Friends of George Donnelly Protest
Tyranny knows no boundaries.by Jake Towne, the Champion of the Constitution
Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yesterday, June 4, I delivered some remarks at a protest and march organized by the Friends of George Donnelly. The irony that June 4 is also the same day as the Tiananmen Square Massacre was not lost on me. From my time spent abroad in China, those who know me are well aware my candidacy is also an attempt to ensure that liberty is not stripped from the American people as has been done in communist China. Tyranny knows no boundaries.

Donnelly was arrested by federal marshals while videotaping their actions in front of the federal courthouse in Allentown in May. While I did not comment directly on this tragic case - some details here - a rough transcript of my remarks are below. A televised report by WFMZ-69 is linked here.

These days government intrusion into our lives never seems to stop. The government is like an out-of-control wild bull in a rodeo. You might be able to avoid getting gored most of the time, but one day that bull is going to be quick enough to gore you.

For all those who work, here are a few facts. The average private sector salary is $41,000 while the average federal worker salary is $71,000. 19% of all federal government employees make over $100K. (Source)

And how many government workers are there? 22.5 MILLION. (Source) This does NOT include all the contractors. This is the second highest job sector in the United States, but government never creates wealth, it can only consume it. GOVERNMENT HAS NOTHING. It can only give away what it first takes from someone else.

For instance, take the federal income tax. This tax is not only immoral no one has the right to your labor, only you should but unnecessary. If we cut federal government spending by the size of the income tax, federal spending would be the same level as in 2005. If we cut it yet again, federal spending would be the same size as in 1998.

50% of Americans who pay income tax account for less than 3% of all taxes collected, but this CERTAINLY does not mean they are not being heavily taxed themselves. (Source)

How is this money spent? Well the Social Security and Medicare programs are essentially insolvent with $107 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities into the future. (Source) Military spending far exceeds $1 trillion per year to fund over 761 military bases in 150 countries, including 55,000 troops in Germany, 10,000 troops in Italy, and 35,000 troops in Japan. (Source)

Not only does the government continue its fiscal insanity, but it continues to invade privacy of the people. In 2006, Charlie Dent, the incumbent in my race, approved forcible DNA sampling for a federal database of individuals who have only been arrested not convicted of federal offenses, and makes it a crime to refuse. [Under Title X of HR 3402.] Needless to say, if anyone is charged with a crime, a necessary DNA sample can be legally obtained by warrant.

Last month, Dent voted to bribe the states into sharing DNA sampling on arrested individuals by offering money if they comply with the feds. [See HR 4614, the Katie Sepich Enhanced DNA Act.]