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05-25-2010, 05:07 PM
This is a fascinating story, but it's not why I posted this. The commentators on this story are blasting ABC for their "spin" on the story. It reminds me a lot of us blasting folks when they write inaccurate stories on Ron and Rand Paul. Just wanted to share this with those who are interested.

U.S. Report: Jamaican Prime Minister Is 'Known Criminal Affiliate' Of Hunted Drug Lord (http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/jamaica-christopher-dudus-coke-escaped-security-forces-assault/comments?type=story&id=10737428)

Sampling of comments:

That story is wildly sensational and filled with so many inaccuracies as to call into doubt the main allegation. I think Bruce Golding has lost the trust and confidence of Jamaican people but this kind of claim has to be made by a more credible source as part of a more accurate piece of journalism before it is to be viewed with any seriousness. Shame on ABCNEWS!The allegation that Bruce Golding was "recently" intercepted speaking to Christopher Coke is misleading. Mr Coke is the most powerful constituent (and one whom up until now has never been charged with a crime anywhere - though I dont mean to deny his obvious stature as a drug trafficker) in the Western Kingston constituency of which Mr. Golding is Member of Parliament, of course he has spoken to him "recently" if you define that as meaning some point in the last several years (the time period of this investigation into Mr. Coke). It would appear though that your article seems to suggest recently to mean at some point since the arrest warrant has been issued. If you have such evidence please present it and desist from engaging in this irresponsible breed of journalism.

Shame on you ABC, Shame.... are you on the ground in Jamaica? Are you at KPH? Are you in Tivoli? Are you listening in on "supposed" conversations? Instead of reporting falsely on a nation and a situation you care nothing about, put that energy into reporting on issues in your own country..WE DO NOT NEED IT!
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05-25-2010, 05:27 PM
I know nothing about this, but it is hard to believe these are their real names.

Golding and Coke.?