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10-12-2007, 08:54 AM
Taylor Kessinger –

20 something...
...and wrote this article attempting to explain some things about Congressman Paul here (http://media.wildcat.arizona.edu/media/storage/paper997/news/2007/10/12/Opinions/Ron-Paul.More.Like.wrong.Paul-3029360.shtml).

Spent his time at Chandler High School in Chandler, AZ on such mental demanding courses as: Academic Decathlon, Health and Fitness, Science Club, Speech and Debate, Student Council. So his brain must be really full of all of the important stuff that our Public School System has to offer. He, also, claims to have ”Graduated” from The University of Arizona in 2009 with a (fitting) B.S. Degree

Mr. Kessinger’s schedule at Chandler H.S. kept him so busy that “…there isn’t much to do except to ‘keep up with current events, get a haircut and stick to my (http://my.highschooljournalism.org/az/chandler/chs/article.cfm?eid=3266&aid=44250)studies’…”.

This is the genius that sang the praises of Macs over PC in a tell-all-article (http://media.wildcat.arizona.edu/media/storage/paper997/news/2007/01/19/Opinions/thinking.Different.No.Longer.An.Apple.Priority-2654771.shtml?sourcedomain=wildcat.arizona.edu&MIIHost=media.collegepublisher.com) for the “News”paper that he attempted to bash (http://media.wildcat.arizona.edu/media/storage/paper997/news/2007/10/12/Opinions/Ron-Paul.More.Like.wrong.Paul-3029360.shtml) Congressman Ron Paul in. Apparently his attempts to keep abreast of “current events”, in High School, he never attempted to study any level of Real American History. Mr. Kessinger, with all of his training at this Public School of note, seems to believe that Rudy Giuliani is the natural choice to be our next President. He claims that “…Paul's success speaks more about the feebleness of the other Republican candidates save Giuliani…” and “…as well as about the ill-informed status of his supporters, than it does about himself.…”

It must be all too difficult to be such a learned individual living in such a feeble society….
One must stand in awe at how much actual History must have been taught at this High School when he claims “…Ron Paul's agenda goes beyond common-sense ideas like reducing U.S. interference overseas and scaling down the size and spending of the federal government. It ventures into a fairy-tale world of recalling all overseas troops, doing away with federal agencies ranging from the IRS to the EPA, and the nebulous task of "securing our borders," whatever that means…” There are many more gems like that one. Here are only a few more examples:

“…a victory for Paul means waving good-bye to safe, legal abortions…”

“…The dial on his back is apparently stuck on "talk loud and fast." And as we all know, louder and faster equals more correct…”

“…whose grandiose plans for refashioning the federal government according to a literalist interpretation of the Constitution are overshadowed in magnitude only by the impossibility of such a task…”

“…Sorry, Ron Paul Revolutionaries. You've been seduced by platitudes and noble ideals into supporting a candidate whose plans for the presidency are rather ignoble, and if you dig beneath the surface, you'll agree with me. Everyone's favorite "dark horse" candidate, when closely scrutinized, turns out to be nothing more than a rider on a pale horse, a fitting metaphor for the doom he'll bring to the Republican Party if his supporters don't find someone else to rally around…”

I must say when I first stumbled across this pitiable excuse for current journalistic excellence, I was angry - Angry at his insolence - at his poor comparisons to what he understood to be The Truth – and his arrogance.

But when I dug into his (only recently acquired) past and was able to understand a portion of his thinking channels, I began to just feel sorry for this (all too) young man and the position(s) that he has found himself in.

He has no clue – has never spent a second in a truly Free Nation – all he knows is what was spoon-fed to him from his revisionist history teachers and parents.
With any luck this young man may be able to complete his education, and live out his life, in a Nation that is all but completely free of any type of Federal Government control mechanisms.

Once he learns what type of life he could truly have – can anyone imagine the force he may then be ?

Randy Harmon
Mt.Juliet TN