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05-18-2010, 05:15 AM
Get Out The Vote Money Bomb

This week we are hosting a Get Out The Vote Money Bomb! June 8th is the Republican Primary in San Francisco; the winner takes on Nancy Pelosi. Any donation made this week will be counted towards the total.

My primary opponent ran against Nancy Pelosi in 2008. She received 9.5% of the vote. A recent poll says that if the election was held today I would receive 22% against Nancy Pelosi. And 75% of the voters don't know my name!

When people learn about our campaign we are winning their votes.

The momentum keeps growing but because of my campaign's success the old-guard of the GOP is throwing everything they have at me to slow our momentum.

My opponent Dana Walsh refers to supporters who are against the Iraq war as the "Hate America" crowd. Because of my views about ending our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan she is currently running radio ads stating that I am the "Republican Left of Nancy Pelosi". Most recently her team created an ad implying that "End the Fed" supporters are crazy, and immediately after this language showed a clip of a crowd being subdued by the police.

She has resorted to these outright lies because she knows that my campaign is winning and has a huge grassroots following, in part BECAUSE of my support for ending both the Federal Reserve as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the Neo-Conservatives backing Dana have raised over 1.5 Million dollars to smear me and the liberty wing of the Republican Party. They are afraid of the message and the influence our campaign is making in the GOP.

We need your support now more than ever to continue our momentum and defeat Dana Walsh, then Nancy Pelosi in November.

Your donation to our Money Bomb this coming Thursday will help us continue to run our radio ads, mail every Republican voter in San Francisco, ramp up our vast precinct walking efforts, and call thousands of Republicans and Independents.

Every call we make and door we knock on spreads the message of liberty and takes us one step closer to defeating both the Neo-Conservatives and Democrats who are expanding the Federal Government and looking for new wars to wage.

The people of San Francisco have shown that they are very receptive to our message and are getting tired of Nancy Pelosi's antics. This is an election that we will win with your dedication and support.

We will be counting every donation this week towards the Money Bomb total so please donate today!


In Liberty,
John Dennis

05-18-2010, 10:49 AM
just put in another $100

Go John!

I am grateful for your donation of $100.00 to my campaign to defeat Nancy Pelosi. Thank you.