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05-10-2010, 08:34 PM
Hey guys! I'm a High School Junior, and I was nominated by my history teacher travel to D.C. this summer for the National Young Leadership Conference. For the schlorship I needed to write an essay on a current issue, connected to a leader who has inspired me. Tell me whatcha think!

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Massive across-the-board debt, expanding bureaucracy, head-scratching foreign policy decisions, declining principles, questionable ethics, and a greedy, do-anything-for-votes mindset: current American politics is as toxic as the oil spill in the Gulf. Politicians have furthered the already dwindling perception of the United States on the world scale, defaming the mystique of the once glorious United States of America. But for the past forty years, one man has distinguished himself from the rest. One man has been the pillar of political consistency, the champion of the Constitution, and the most responsible public official our country has to offer. Texas Congressman Ron Paul is the text-book definition of a leader. This political non-conformist is the mouthpiece of a growing faction of youth determined not to be slaves of our parent’s mistakes, be responsible for our actions, and succeed on principal. In times of political turbulence like this, it is imperative to listen to a highly intelligent, passionate, and influential leader. Ron Paul has inspired me to challenge the status quo, not only through bold political action and ideas, but through uncompromising principals as well.

The list of problems within the United States is almost growing as fast as the national debt. One politician seems to carry rational solutions, and has been for some time. Since his first Congressional term in 1976, Ron Paul has been heading the fight to lessen government, cut taxes, and bring back the Constitution to the forefront of politics. Ron Paul has essentially been supporting the same ideas since the 70’s; asserting his Libertarian values into the predominantly two party dominated House of Representatives. Prophetically, Mr. Paul warned the public about the dangers of a fiat currency not backed by gold. His prediction of the US economy were, and still continue to be, eerily dead on. His speeches on the House floor tried to show Americans the dangers of running dangerous budgets and policing the world. But after the thousands of disparaging comments, the endless attempts to belittle the controversial ideas, the refusals to be allowed into the Presidential debates in 2007, Ron Paul is still extremely relevant in American politics today. That exact truth is what makes Congressman Paul such an inspiring man, and provides the basis for his vast influence of young people. Personally, Mr. Paul’s influence extends beyond the lines of politics. Truly great leaders excel and motivate others in many categories, furthering their brilliance through different avenues. Ron Paul has taught me better than anyone to stick to the principals my parents have instilled in me. To remain the good Christian boy I was raised as, and to honestly respect and care for the ones around me. Ron Paul is a Congressman, a doctor, but also a personal teacher. Ron has taught me, and others, to practice political non-conformity. But aside from that, I use Ron Paul’s challenging of established ideas for all aspects of life. Whether it’s challenging the status-quo of school, injecting uniqueness into my community, carrying myself with an air of knowledge and preparation, being a leader and standing up against the system, going against the grain, or fighting the establishment, I try to push on knowing Ron did. Ron Paul has been married for over fifty years; he has five successful children, and is as loveable as intelligent. His soft-spoken demeanor and quiet confidence exude serenity and kindness. Overall, Ron Paul is a model husband, father, government employee, citizen, and person. He represents a classic “good” guy who refuses to be a product of his volatile environment filled with greedy and unethical cohorts.

A nation is only as strong as its leaders and its future only as bright as the potential of its youth. But with leaders as weak-minded as the ones that head the Cabinet and Congress today, the United States continues to further its dip into the lonely, hated, debt-ridden abyss. It seems the U.S. is sick, possibly Type A Greed Disease, with strong symptoms of over-spending, problems balancing budgets, lack of regard for the Constitution, and strong desire to constantly borrow. The United States needs a doctor: possibly a doctor with a Duke Medical Degree. The United States needs Dr. Ron Paul. Ron Paul has had a major part in making me the confident man I am today, teaching me strong Libertarian politics, and influencing my daily activity.

“Observe the masses, and do the opposite”
-Ron Paul

05-11-2010, 08:03 PM
Excellent! You know where you're thinking about going to college? I smell a future YAL chapter president here :cool:

05-11-2010, 08:19 PM
Principle not Principal, common mistake.

I like it, are you done? At the very least I would work in "statesman".