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05-09-2010, 05:38 PM
Really? :rolleyes: From Kokesh's primary opponent:


Tom Mullins, candidate for New Mexico's 3rd Congressional District, House of Representatives believes that voters may be confused by recent stories regarding the qualifications and the differences between the Republican candidates.

Mullins, in his first run for elected office, garnered an overwhelming 80.45 percent of the delegate vote at the March 13th state Republican pre-primary nominating convention. This victory confirms the campaign’s internal polling information regarding the status of the race. Mullins, with New Mexico grassroots support, defeated his well funded establishment opponent, Adam Kokesh, leaving him scrambling to secure the required signatures and obtain additional funding to remain on the Republican June 1st primary ballot. Kokesh’s campaign is financed primarily by out of state sources, while Mullins’s common sense campaign is funded by concerned New Mexicans.

Mullins, an engineer, successful small businessman, and resident of Farmington for nearly twenty (20) years has a reliable Republican voter participation record in New Mexico elections. Mullins is a past president of the Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico (IPANM), organized the Farmington Tea Party organization, and was previously the San Juan County 1st Vice Chair of the Republican Party. According to the San Juan County Clerk’s records Mullins registered as a Republican at his current address in February 2000.

Mullins’s primary opponent, Adam Kokesh, changed his party affiliation to Republican in March 2009, and Kokesh has never voted in New Mexico according to the Santa Fe County Clerk’s office. This information conflicts with Kokesh’s statements on the campaign trail.

“I have the knowledge, experience, and record of good judgment that voters are looking for to defeat Ben Ray LujŠn, Jr. this November. New Mexicans want someone with conservative common sense traditional values and solid small business experience representing them in Washington, not a slick establishment politician.” stated Mullins.

05-09-2010, 05:41 PM
That's a new one..