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05-02-2010, 03:44 AM
Check out this excerpt from 1898 book:

"Three Epochs of Democracy and Three Men" by John Clark Ridpath

(as published in "the arena" at link below:


page: 558

[There] had arisen a horde of railroad wreckers, stock-gamblers, and gold-cormorants moving under the dictation of Rothschild and the Morgan syndicate. This malevolent combination of forces, historical and personal, had invaded not only the Republican party but also the party which still defined itself as Democratic. It had obtained the mastery of both parties; for it had the leaders of both in it's clutches. The combination believed itself invincible. It had invented one lexicon of lying phrases with which to delude the masses, and another lexicon with which to terrorize them. To this combination all seasons and all conditions were as naught, provided only that it might continue to prevail and to reign. One administration succeeded another; but they were all alike.

Such had been the power of the money intrique that already in 1878 it was able to compel the President to veto a bill made deliberately in the interest of the people and ratified by a majority of more than three-fourths of both houses of Congress. The money power cares nothing for majorities---except to despise them.

The Garfield-Arthur administration dragged through in the same spirit which had characterized that of Hayes. Then came the accession of Cleveland. The people supposed in electing Mr. Cleveland to the presidency that they were electing a democrat. They had tired at last of the other kind and thought they were making a change.

The money power meanwhile chuckled at the exhibition of the popular credulity. The money power knew its men.

To the amazement and horror of the political bosses there were seen and heard ominous signs of rebellion and revolution . When the Democratic forces gathered, the premonitory throbbings of revolt broke into tumultuous insurrection, and all the intrique and blandishment and threatening which the money power was able to put forth could not prevail over the determination of a roused-up people.I won't reprint it all here but it is a good read (even if "trumped up prose" of a sort).

Too bad the author saw that the battle was going to break on the side of Liberty over the money trust/imperialists (little did he know that inside of 15 years they would literally control with impunity the people with seemingly no end in sight even today when scarcely a few percent even care to try to understand how hopeless their situation is in reality)

I wish the author would have used "liberty" and "the state" instead of "democracy" and "imperialism".

Men fall into the same slavery all to easily don't they??

I do not give my consent.

05-02-2010, 09:20 AM
he correctly points out that anglo Morgan was fronting for Zionist Rothschild

05-02-2010, 06:07 PM
more than 100 years have passed but not the "ownership"..

05-02-2010, 06:12 PM
more than 100 years have passed but not the "ownership"..

more than 200 years actually...

Nathan Rothschild financed Wellington and the Prussians against Napoleon in 1810-12...

It was after Waterloo that he became the real King of London...and the world