View Full Version : Golden window of opportunity for web activism NOW!

10-10-2007, 03:30 PM
Golden window of opportunity for web activism NOW!

Ron Paul is all over the news again today on the internet. See stories at


or go to Google News and search "Ron Paul"

There is a great opportunity to help Ron Paul right now and that is to go to the articles, and find out if any allow a comment. If so, please resgister and/or log in if needed and write a pro-Paul comment.

Please copy the URL of every website you find that allows comments in a post on this thread so that it will be quicker and easier for those that follow in your footsteps to find the articles which allow comments.

Go to work volunteer Army! Here's a great chance to help Ron NOW.

This opportunity is most effective NOW, while the stories are still hot off the press and people all over the internet are still reading the stories.