View Full Version : This Ain't Hell - The post in which [PRO-WAR] TAH defends IVAW’s Kokesh

04-20-2010, 05:45 PM
This Neocon blog actually had the guts to man up and confess that the "Kokesh never served in Iraq" rumor was a lie with no basis in fact.

TAH gives the IsraeliRepublic parasites the ribbing they so richly deserve for trying to strip a veteran of his war record. They don't like Kokesh, but do at least respect honesty, integrity, and (most of all) service to your country.


I really hate to do this - defending Adam Kokesh, member of IVAW and congressional candidate in New Mexico is probably my least favorite thing. But, I also hate it when people don’t tell the truth inadvertently or otherwise. Free Republic and American Patriots Against Kokesh have a thread questioning Kokesh’s Iraq vet creds. They both use a copy of Kokesh’s DD214 that I posted last year. That DD214 is one of three in his records - the last one. I posted it to prove he was not a sergeant when he was discharged.

Unfortunately, the amateurs didn’t come to me before they posted the DD214 and Free Republic didn’t link to me so I could help them avoid embarrassment. Here’s the DD214 that proves his service in Iraq.


You’ll notice the requisite medals in block 13, 6 months and 24 days of foreign service in block 12f. I also have the narrative for his Navy Commendation Medal for service in Fallujah. These all came as a result of POW Net’s FOIA to the records center.

Ya know how on television they always tell you tell you not to try stuff you see at home - this is one of those things. :p :p :p

Too bad the Israeli-First Kach wing of the GOP at FreeRepublic didn't check their facts before making libel-blogging fools of themselves:

(they deleted the post upon discovering their idiotic, libelous mistake but google cached the thread so we can see what fools these Neocons really are)

RaceBannon, how does that crow taste? (!!%22&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us) Better than the foot in your mouth?

Does the egg on your face make them any more palatable?

Lonesome in Massachussets, how does walking a mile in Dan Rather's shoes feel?

big'ol_freeper, you won't get to see Kokesh hung, but you do get to be exposed as both gullible and a violent little wimp hiding behind a keyboard.

Ha ha, you stupid, gullible Fundy Cattle are going to get SUED FOR LIBEL (!!!! :D

Campaign for Liberty lawyers threaten to sue for exposes against Adam kokesh (