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04-20-2010, 11:48 AM
The Liberty Movement: Unite or Die
April 20,2010

Article by:
Kristi Dunn, John Stevens and Erik Setzer, Republican Liberty Caucus

FeedBack and input provided by:
Pat Mcbride, First Coast Tea Party member
Clive Rickett, Libertarian Party member
Allison Gibbs, Ladies of Liberty
Scott Oliver, Campaign for Liberty

There has been a movement afoot in American politics for decades now, a movement that has an under-current all its own, and one that works both from inside and outside the current two-party system. It is a movement that is fighting for the America that our Founders envisioned.

There are many names for this movement, but I believe the one that encompasses the feelings of all those involved would be the Liberty Movement. I say this because I feel it truly started back in December of 1773, when a group of men known as the “Sons of Liberty” boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped tea into the water. The colonists believed the East India Company had engaged lobbyists to coerce Parliament, and they were convinced the government was selling them out to big business. The Sons of Liberty saw this as an attempt to control their freedoms. And out of their fight for liberty, the Liberty Movement was born.

In more recent years, we have seen similar uprisings. I believe the current one started in 2007. That year, the then-eleven-term representative Ron Paul (R - TX) was raking in more political contributions each month than nearly any other GOP presidential candidate, not from large special interests but from hundreds of thousands of fervent supporters raising donations around the country through the use of Tea Parties. Yes, Tea Parties.

Link to Full Article (http://www.rlcnef.org/the-liberty-movement-unite-or-die-2/)

04-20-2010, 11:57 AM
This is actually a continuation or rebirth of the Patriot Movement that started in the 70s, grew in the 80s and was forced underground in the 90s.
Though growing again with the Liberty Movement it is facing the same attacks that led up to the False Flag event in Oklahoma.

They have the same play book.

eyes and ears open

04-20-2010, 12:04 PM
"We must also respect and value differing strategies and tactics within the Liberty Movement. Some liberty activists feel the need to focus on single issues; others see the need to draw the connection between multiple issues. Some want independence from the two-party system; others see working from within the two-party system as the best way to advance the cause. Many liberty activists see education as the focal point; others are more concerned with political action. We should see the competing strategies and tactics as a strength, not as a weakness. They allow the movement to cover all of the bases and have more long-term resilience. Think of it this way: Would it be easier for the enemies of liberty to focus on stopping one strategy or try to head off twenty different strategies?"

This is the most important part of the article. Take notes, kids.:cool:

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We are trying to put this message to action the weekend of May 1st & 2nd:

It would be well worth the time and travel to attend. A room full of liberty activists and candidates receiving practical instruction on how to WIN!