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04-20-2010, 10:25 AM
Greg Cowan running for the 4th District U.S. House seat against Ike Skelton in MO. Check out the donors to Ike's campaign

Here is Greg Cowans page on Liberty Candidates http://www.liberty-candidates.org/greg-cowan/

Greg Needs our support. He not only needs money, but volunteers also.

This is the race where we can take the Military Industrial Complex head on.


04-21-2010, 02:39 PM
I just received this from Gregs campaign today.

Dear Family and Friends,

The campaign needs your help.

We are like David against the Republican and Democrat Goliath and we need your financial support.

Our Senators and Representatives ignored us during the Health Care debacle. Now they are debating “Financial Reform” which is just another bailout bill. Cap and trade legislation, which passed the House last summer, is just down the calendar and an amnesty bill will be considered later this year.

As a result of the Health care debacle, the IRS will hire 16,500 more agents to ensure we are all paying our medical insurance - our fair share.

With a straight face we have been told that we will save billions by giving “free” insurance and health care to millions. That conclusion is only possible if one uses Government math and is a professional Democrat politician.

Can anyone reasonably believe our representatives are listening?

Today, there are many who claim the solution is to put the Republicans back in power - sort of like out with the old and in with the old. Those who will at least consider history know that doing this will solve nothing. At best, the destruction of America will only be slowed. The greater danger is the public may be fooled if Republicans are elected. There are those who will put down their signs and go back to their homes as America continues the slide toward socialism, Republican socialism.

The Republican Party has never been a conservative party. It is a party with some conservatives in it. The Republican leadership is almost identical to the Democrat’s on every issue; yet, they make a big show of voting “no”. It’s all a show to mislead you and I.

We need Constitutionalists. A Constitutionalist is a centrist. One can be conservative or liberal with respect to another but a Constitutionalist is neither right nor left. The Constitution is the point of reference for a Constitutionalist.

“Constitutionalists differ from 'conservatives’ (and liberals). We (constitutionalists) affirm the integrity of our borders and oppose amnesty; we support 2nd amendment rights and the States’ efforts to reclaim their sovereignty; we support repealing job-destroying trade agreements that encourage outsourcing.

Constitutionalists are neither left wing nor right wing. We are family-oriented centrists, who love liberty. We understand government is necessary to keep things running, but the Founders warned that too much government is a threat to freedom.” Donna Ivanovich, Constitution Party of Missouri, State Chairperson.

Now, in this election, the Republicans and Democrats want us to believe that they, the very people who caused this mess, know what is best for America. We should forget the economic train wreck that they caused. We should forget the loss of our jobs due to globalization and illegal immigration. We should forget the high-energy prices. We should forget the unconstitutional legislation that they have passed in the last 100 years. We should forget our freedoms and liberty. We should all just join hands, sing a song, get along and be happy internationalists, globalists and socialists. That is what they would have us do.

The career professional Republican politicians want us to believe that somehow, they have been reformed and transformed and we should trust them again. The career professional Democrat politician doesn't care what we think.

Most importantly, not one of the underlying problems destroying our nation will be addressed, much less corrected if we continue to elect members of the two major political parties.

Neither the Democrats nor Republicans have the will to address the tough issues. Neither understands fiscal responsibility. Neither party represents the people. The professional politicians represent special interest groups, their party, and their own careers. One only has to look at the source of their donations to realize that lobbyists and globalists own the democrat and republican politicians.

Neither of the two parties understands our Constitution.

Both party’s solution to everything is to spend money and grow government. Our national debt is 30-40% of our gross domestic product (GDP) now. By our own government’s estimate, it will be 90% of (GDP) by the year 2020.

Would any of us do what our elected representatives have done?

It is time to stand up to the Democrat and Republican political parties and politicians who are destroying our nation and say “ENOUGH!”

It is time to stand up for America again.

Would you please consider donating $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or even $5 to my campaign.

As I stated to open this letter, we are like David against the Republican and Democrat Goliath. We need your financial support.

Please donate generously.

God bless you, as we work together to restore our republic.

Very Respectfully,

Greg Cowan
Constitution Party Patriot and Candidate for Missouri’s 4th District

Please make all checks payable to:
CowanforCongress, PO Bx 824 Lebanon, Missouri 65536.

If you would like to get involved with the cowanforcongress campaign or the Constitution Party in your area, please contact me. Greg.cowanforcongress@gmail.com

You can visit the Constitution Party's web sites at