View Full Version : Kokesh in CSM regarding Tea Parties and 1st Amendment rights

04-20-2010, 09:23 AM

For the most part, application of those rules doesn't infringe on the constitutional right to free speech, says Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh, who has organized both antiwar protests and tea party protests and is now running for Congress in New Mexico's Third district.

That doesn't mean the complaint about different treatment for different ralliers is off-base, however. The more loosely such permitting restrictions are written, the more bias can and does seep into the approval process, says Mr. Kokesh.

"Certainly antiwar protests are on the whole more rambunctious than tea party rallies, so there is an appropriate role for law enforcement to exercise a certain amount of discretion in how they approach protesters," says Kokesh. "But there are times when regulation or individual action by law enforcement crosses the line and there's a blatant show of favoritism."