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04-13-2010, 11:53 PM
We just managed to get a radical libertarian into the run-off for Sioux Falls Mayor.

Ker mit Stag gers (spaced on purpose so Search Engines don't pick up his name here.) is a pretty radical libertarian, has the support of the SD Gun Owners, as well as our local Ron Paul organizations. He's the only candidate even advocating lowering property and sales taxes and he's also the only candidate with a voting record of actually trying to do that.

He wants to get rid of the Red Light Cameras, check points, and raise the speed limits to reduce the amount of police harassment and reduce the surveillance state in this city, and get the cops out of the public schools.

He's also talked about lowering the priority on drug and other victimless crimes to nothing so we can focus on actual violent crime.

He campaigned for me when I ran for state senate even though he knew I was an Anarcho-Capitalist.

I've referred to him as the Ron Paul of the Sioux Falls city council at times. Every year they race the property taxes and it's hidden in the appropriations bill. And he tries to introduce an amendment to just add "and property tax increase" to the name of the bill and he can't even get a 2nd on the city council to just add that to increase the transparency.

He's also been trying to get rid of regulations on property owners and businesses and lower licensing fees for the past 8 years.

Anyway, it's a non-partisan race, but Stag gers just got 25% of the vote in a 6 way race, and is now in a run off with a Heavily Funded and wealthy Democrat who wants to spend lots of taxpayer money on Event Centers, Rec Centers, and lots of other "quality of life" projects that increase the quality of the the politically connected lives, at the expense of the taxpayers. This opponent, (Heu ther) got 24% of the vote and he's really the most anti-liberty of the 6, and he's probably going to spend another $70,000 of his own money in the next 2 weeks before the Run Off.

Anyway, the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Ron Paul, Tea Party, and 9/12 people in the area are tapped out. And Staggers is needing some money fast in order to be competitive. I know it's not a nationwide race, but Sioux Falls, very easily could be an example of the prosperity a limited government City could achieve in the next 2-4 years. Or if Huether gets elected it would become the next hyper-regulated Detroit (Yes, he's that bad.)

Please, we don't need to match Hue ther Dollar for dollar I don't think, but we do
need some quick cash. If we could even have an influx of $10,000 or less it would make a huge difference.

Here's his website http://staggersformayor.com/home.php

I know you have your own local and nationwide races to worry about, But we actually have a shot to get a libertarian Mayor in a decent sized city. This would have repercussions across the whole state and make it easier to elect constitutional candidates to Federal offices. I know he's supporting other freedom candidates in the area.

A Recent poll had Stag gers polling 2nd place among Democrats and 1st place among Republicans whereas Hue ther was polling 4th among Republicans and 1st among Democrats. So this is very doable. Voter Turn-out is usually much lower in the run-off and Stag gers base is very energized, and now he'll (hopefully) get support from the Republican Party, (because that's what he's registered as) now that the other 2 Republicans are knocked out of the race. It's very doable. We just need to be able to compete financially. So if anybody has a little extra cash, we'd really appreciate it.


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04-14-2010, 12:18 AM
I was just Wiki'ing South Dakota yesterday since I've been trying to find real estate out west. According to what I read, North and South Dakota have many of the poorest counties in the entire U.S. If we get a solid libertarian mayor in that area who can burn a torch for liberty and set a good example for other nearby cities, it would probably be a strong catalyst for the entire region to liberalize (in the classical sense) its economy.

Sounds like a solid project to me!

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Thank you! The entire city council is now far left liberal now that Kirmet's been term limited and is therefore running for Mayor. None of our guys one their city council seats. So, it's really imperative Kermit wins this run-off. They'll tax and regulate us into the dark ages so fast we're not going to see it coming if Hue ther gets in.

Wear-as if Kirmet gets in he can unilaterally do a lot of things. No federal subsidies, etc. And he appoints the department heads which the city council tends to blindly follow their advice. That's been his experience while he's been on the council anyway. He's the only one who ever questions them.


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looks like you are doing a good job so far!

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mid-morning tea party bump!

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