View Full Version : Bob Thomas in IN-3?

04-04-2010, 10:34 AM
Does anyone know anything about this guy. He is running in the primary against Mark Souder. He is self funding his own campaign. I saw one of his commercials and he seemed alright so I thought I would do some more research. I also got a mailer stating how he is against any and all bailouts.

Well anyway I was surfing his website and came across this.

The two Congressman that I most approve of are Mike Pence and Ron Paul. Mike Pence appeals to my conservative side; Ron Paul to my Libertarian side. Open Congress.org tracks information about members of Congress. One of the interesting things they track is how members of Congress vote in relation to other members of Congress. Out of all of the Republicans in Congress; Mark Souder votes least with Republican Ron Paul.

Any other thoughts on this guy? He appears to have the funds to give Souder a run for his money.


Nathan Hale
04-04-2010, 07:49 PM
While I am no fan of primary challenges against an incumbent, this is an interesting district. In 2008, which was a Dem+ year, Souder won by 15 points, so the district favors the Republican in the general. But what makes it interesting is that the Libertarian candidate got 5.3%, which is HUGE for a libertarian candidate in a three way race. Perhaps there's room for a liberty republican putting up a primary challenge in this district. But Souder is dug in - the guy has been in Congress since 1995 (he got redistricted in 2003 from CD-4 to CD-3).