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Badger Paul
03-30-2010, 12:07 AM
Krsiean Campaign: Battling the Healthcare Takeover in DC

Always an activist since before the Clinton administration, I along with my wife Annie hit the road Friday afternoon, March 19 determined to make a difference in this fight. Driving straight through to Washington D.C. we arrived at the State Capitol 20 hours later in time to mobilize for the weekend fight.

Rendezvousing with approximately 50 other Wisconsinites we made our voices heard loud and clear on both the Capitol lawn and a bit later on the sidewalks as the congressmen and women migrated into the Capitol. Total patriots in attendance numbered 25 – 30,000. The mood was intense as we made our voices heard in the most strenuous manner possible short of physical violence. We made sure they knew we were serious about “Killing the Bill” and holding them to honor their oaths to the Constitution.

The Capitol protest continued into the evening and night hours under the watchful eye of many Capitol police armed with automatic weapons. After the evening protest we attended a candle light vigil and prayer event in front of the Supreme Court building. Songs, Constitutional discussions/education and prayer were all plentiful. After a full day and no sleep for 35 hours we gratefully returned to the hotel for a bit of rest.

Sunday morning saw us on the Capitol lawn again for a morning prayer service which was concurrently held with the first prayer service held in 100+ years inside the Capitol building. We were not allowed inside. We then poured into the congressional offices but Mr. Kind was not there. I left him my calling card. I attempted to give Maxine Waters and Alcee Hastings a bit of scolding, but they were absent as well. Returning to the Capitol we again made the halls reverberated to the sound of “Kill the Bill”, “Nanccccyyyy!” and “USA”. Videos are available for viewing at my website listed above. SEIU and Illegal Amnesty groups showed up and then outnumbered us as it became clear that Stupak had let his hand show and our patriots, loosing heart packed up to regroup. The end of the afternoon saw Central American SEIU protesters surround and parade by us shouting, “WE won! We Won!” in heavy accent - a very discouraging end to our effort.

Still not resigned to give up, Annie and I stayed in the House Gallery as much as crowd rotation would allow. Mid-night Sunday evening saw us witness the Pelosi gavel bang down announcing our defeat in this battle….but we knew the war was far from over. The celebration in the bowels of the Capitol when 216 votes were obtained was sickening. Young healthy males celebrating that now they could obtain ‘free government insurance’. The attempt at educating them was in vain. Giddy democratic house members ran around the House floor like kids at recess. Knowing how votes were purchased to obtain this result made that sorrowful sight one that will last me a life time.

We departed D.C. Sunday after mid-night in depressed spirits not looking forward to the long trip back home, but knowing that our nation, like it always has, will fight on. American patriots fight best in the face of adversity. The bloody feet of our forefathers at Valley Forge should never be forgotten. The early morning trip to Concord and Lexington Green of our brave minutemen to confront the British regulars should never be forgotten. The tenacity with which our troops fight for us around the globe, especially Afghanistan and Iraq should never be forgotten. They fight to defend us abroad. We are duty bound to fight at home so that they may return to find their children dwelling in a Constitutional and free America!

God Bless the Patriots! It was an honor fighting the battle of healthcare with you all in D.C.

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