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03-27-2010, 11:54 AM
“Would you put your money in a bank that wasn't audited?” - John Dennis

John Dennis, an accomplished conservative businessman and entrepreneur, is running against Nancy Pelosi. John has been endorsed by -http://libertyslate.com/ - The 10th Amendment Center, Barry Goldwater Jr., and Ron Paul.

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Catch a sneak peek of an upcoming TV show featuring John Dennis! YouTube - Running: Sneak Peek - John Dennis for Congress | Retire Pelosi (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0YQ-JtI7so)

Learn more, donate, and volunteer at the campaign website - http://www.johndennis2010.com/

John Dennis qualified for the ballot with more petition signatures from district voters than the elections officials had seen in over 30 years. The hard working volunteers of the John Dennis campaign will make the difference in this race.

We can defeat Pelosi, but not without your help!

03-27-2010, 12:03 PM
California's 8th congressional district


The District is one of the most reliably Democratic districts in the country, though progressive third parties like the Green Party often poll well in the district. It is geographically the smallest congressional district in the nation outside of New York City.

This will be a hell of a battle. It's been Democratic since 1953.

03-27-2010, 01:08 PM
Republican campaigns here in the past have done an awful job of reaching out to independents- we're here to fix that, and they are receptive - in the 60-70% range, and about 25% of D's are sick of her - they watch Cafferty on CNN here too...

The republican party has been running neo-cons (the last one didn't even live in the district or really campaign locally, she just rasied alot of money nationwide on Pelosi's name) here against Pelosi in the past, and they just fail to connect with the SF voter - John's firm stand against unconstitutional wars and the military industrial complex really resonates when Pelosi has had 4 years to stop funding the two wars we are in. Pelosi also just recently pushed forwad to Obama's desk reathorization of the Patriot Act - not a popular move in SF. And even here people are worried about our debt - John is the right candidate to pull off an upset, he's already polling at 20% - higher than any republican has ever polled against Pelosi, and we haven't even started advertising yet! The dedicated phone bank volunteers and precinct walkers will continue to be the difference makers in this race.

And we'll reveal some of our surprises shortly...

If Scott Brown, (who stinks on ice) can win in uber liberal Massachusetts, John Dennis can win in SF.

In Liberty, Zak Carter