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03-25-2010, 11:06 AM
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YouTube - Running: Sneak Peek - John Dennis for Congress | Retire Pelosi (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0YQ-JtI7so&feature=player_embedded)

The ticker is at 20K so far we are trying to reach 100!

Dear Fellow American,

Today Nancy Pelosi celebrates her 70th Birthday, having become, according to at least one fawning news commentator, “the most powerful woman in U.S. History.” And because we want to commemorate this joyous event properly, not to mention stop Abigail Adams, Susan B. Anthony and Eleanor Roosevelt from turning over in their graves, we are asking you to help us buy Speaker Pelosi the most appropriate gift possible – permanent retirement. In fact, we think it’s extremely unfair that Speaker Pelosi has not yet been allowed to indulge in all the wonderful new laws she’s passed for every other private citizen to follow, and has, in fact, purposely exempted herself and her fellow members of Congress from following those laws. It is high time the Speaker gave up this selfless, Spartan existence, and finally acquiesced to the glorious system of new laws and regulations which she has so kindly bestowed on the rest of us, and which she should be able to enjoy just as much as a private citizen.

So in the spirit of celebration, we would love if you took part in our mass one day fundraiser and sent us $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can today to let dear old Nancy know how much you wish her many years living as a private citizen in what is, despite her influence, the freest nation in the world.
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For instance, as a private citizen, Speaker Pelosi can thank herself for being forced to buy insurance at record premiums. As a private citizen, Speaker Pelosi can thank herself every time one of the 16,500 new IRS Agents comb through her financial records in search of the slightest trace of wrongdoing. As a private citizen, Speaker Pelosi can thank herself for all the new taxes she will have to pay to the Federal Government. Indeed, she can also thank herself for all the new taxes she will have to pay to her home State, since all the unfunded mandates in her bill have to be paid for somehow. And finally, what joy it will be when Speaker Pelosi discovers that the Federal Government already knows every intimate detail of her medical history, and now considers itself an authority over how that history proceeds!

But wait! You haven’t heard the best part. We’ve decided that, on the off-chance Speaker Pelosi doesn’t like following these wonderful new laws, she should have an actual representative at the Federal level, who will listen to her concerns, and the concerns of every San Francisco resident, before casting his vote for any bill that comes before the House. In fact, this representative will – are you sitting down – even repeal laws that those same private citizens disagree with, like the massive health care monstrosity which Speaker Pelosi herself rammed through Congress! We realize this is a generous retirement package, and while it’s costly, we hope you’ll consent to helping us buy it for our beloved Speaker, so that she and the rest of us can enjoy living with a real leader, with proven convictions and a respect for our country’s founding, as their Congressman.

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C'mon guys could use your help here!

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Birthday bump!

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Please don't feed the animals.:(

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Thank you for making a generous contribution of $25 to the John Dennis for U.S. Congress Campaign.

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I'm fucking broke because the govt has destroyed this economy. I just put in $50 to kick that cunt out of office. You should do the same.