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03-19-2010, 08:28 AM
Call For Kokesh Urgent Call to Action

Well the saga gets better . We were informed today from the Secretary of the State
that the deadline for nominating petitions is March 23 not the 26th.

Oops sorry our bad,

The events over the past week have been comical to say the least. We know that these are the things that must be overcome and it has really energized the team. The guy's are collecting hundreds of signatures a day and our calling efforts have made a big difference so far.

We have no time to relax and we must push this once more and finish the job.
The lists up on the site for Friday and Saturday are for voters to download the petition and mail it in.
This has to be done by Saturday.

We have 3900 calls to make. We need 75 people to do this.
This is the last two days we have to get the job done
48 more hours till victory.
Let it not be said we did nothing

Questions/ help please call me,
Ryan Newby