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03-14-2010, 03:47 PM
That broad Cassy is some piece of work, as are all the big govt, big war neocons at HotAir who keep allowing her a platform from which to spew her character assassinations and lies.

And, Cassy? There are no Republicans more anti-American than the Bush wing (aka neocons) of the GOP. Take a bow, you libelous, hateful, big war, big surveillance state humping cow.

HotAir: Republican Liberty Caucus stands by their endorsement of Adam Kokesh

After learning that Adam Kokesh was endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus, among others, I decided to find out how much the RLC knew about Adam’s anti-military and anti-American activities, his multiple arrests, and his overall background. I e-mailed my questions to Aaron Biterman, who agreed to speak with me about the endorsement of Adam Kokesh. The following is our e-mail exchange.

Hi Aaron, thanks for helping me out with this.

I saw that the Republican Liberty Caucus endorsed Adam for Congress. When the endorsement was made, was the RLC aware of the following:

[insert same tired, old distortions and lies here]

If the RLC was not aware of the above, will the endorsement for Adam
Kokesh be rescinded?

If the RLC was aware of all this, why was he still endorsed for Congress?

Do these things not bother the Republican Liberty Caucus?

Does the Republican Liberty Caucus feel that these actions and views are suitable for a representative?

Does the RLC feel that the above actions are acceptable? Do they condone his anti-military, anti-American views?

Looking very forward to hearing the answers to these questions.

Thank you,


Aaron responded by basically saying that no, the RLC was not aware of these things, but will continue to endorse him anyways based on Adam’s platform.

Hi, Cassy.

The Republican Liberty Caucus assesses candidates on their issue positions, not what pranks they pulled in college or people they associated with who we might not like. Most of your criticisms fit under the category of “he’s an anti-war protester and therefore he’s evil,” and that’s just not relevant to our endorsement process.

A RLC endorsement is simply advice to our members that a candidate is worthy of consideration for their support and assistance — it does not require members to support or contribute to any endorsed candidate. The RLC itself never contributes any dues or contributions directly to any political campaign or ballot proposition.

When we made the endorsement, we were not aware of the information you listed below. However, as I said above, the RLC endorses candidates who share a commitment to our mission statement of limiting the size and scope of government. Adam Kokesh’s platform is “peace, freedom, and prosperity” (see http://www.kokeshforcongress.com/sites/kokesh.netboots.net/files/SlimJimPrintOut_0_0.pdf). He also includes a strong statement of truth at his website: Government’s sole purpose is to protect our rights.

Which groups Kokesh associates with or what rallies he attends has little relevence to our endorsement process. Additionally, the RLC has a fairly “Big Tent”. While Kokesh holds “anti-War” views, several other candidates we have endorsed hold views that are different than Kokesh on the foreign policy issue. For example, check out this candidate’s views on foreign policy (he was also endorsed by the RLC): http://www.houchenforcongress.com/issues.html.

The RLC favors candidates who have a constitutional view on foreign policy, which includes the need for a Congressional declaration before going to war. Additionally, all of our endorsed candidates believe that the U.S. has too many troops in too many countries across the globe. This is the traditional conservative foreign policy position and has its roots with Robert Taft, and, before him, George Washington.

Best Regards,
Aaron Biterman
Outreach Chair
Republican Liberty Caucus

[insert same, tired old lies, distortions, character assassinations (now with more whining and fear-mongering), and shameless links to Mullins' donation page, Cassy's lame blog and twitter acct. here]

Good for the RLC!

As far as health care votes go, sorry, Cassy! It's all over but the crying. See, your beloved Bush GOP had their chance to head Big Medical System off at the pass, but they preferred to expand Medicare to the point which would have made LBJ blush, wage feckless, never-ending, uber-costly nation-building wars (which Bush ran against in 2000), adopt Biden's glorious Patriot Act as their own to "keep us safe," and further nationalize the (mis)educational system instead, and of course for his final act, "abandon free-market principles to save the free market" by bailing out the criminal bankstas and pre-socializing the economy for Obama (as Malkin puts it).

03-14-2010, 03:52 PM
Did she mention that Mullins is a Teamster?

I am guessing not.

Why hasn't Cassy actually joined the military, exactly?

03-14-2010, 04:06 PM
We really should go to her blog and try to get some answers! ;) I'm sure she'd be happy to have us!

03-14-2010, 05:19 PM
Oh the irony of the fact Adam would be an ardent defender of the Constitution and Freedom in America, and it is NOT the left, BUT the right that is doing the character assassination.

There has to be more to their vicious attacks and complete dismissal of his candidacy. This is not the first time a constitutional conservative has heard screeching from the right that is completely devoid of going to the candidate's website to learn what they're running on platform-wise. I get a feeling there are major donors/funders who don't want constitutional voters in the House or Senate, and pass that word along to the major recipients of their funds that "if this guy wins, I'm going to reconsider to whom I donate...so make sure he doesn't" to make sure a constitution-voter is kept from office.

Just look at Ron Paul, who votes strictly based on the U.S. Constitution, and the attacks he received from Newt Gingrich in 1996.

The establishment hates Constitution-based votes, and will work hard to box them out of the process.

03-15-2010, 12:15 AM
Adam is "an ardent defender of the Constitution and Freedom in America" ;) And the establishment "right" just ceded the moral high ground. It was County execs who broke the rules with their cowardly, defamatory, unattributed smears of desperation. They are about to realize their mistake.

I've not approached this level of outrage since the Feds libeled returning troops as potential terrorists... :mad: This time I ain't getting on a bike to play nice. This time we are going to cause some serious political pain. Lord willing, the r3VOLution is about to learn some new tactics,:eek: and be inspired.

For those who wish to help, please join http://www.callforkokesh.com; for those who live in border states, we could use your help; and yes, we always need donations. https://kokesh.netboots.net/contribute

and the general should be even better...


03-15-2010, 03:20 PM
Oh the irony of the fact Adam would be an ardent defender of the Constitution and Freedom in America, and it is NOT the left, BUT the right that is doing the character assassination.

There has to be more to their vicious attacks and complete dismissal of his candidacy. .

Absolutely. Just look at the timing of this. Who even knew that there was a pre-primary except the New Mexicans?

And I wonder what they're going to hurl at Rand?

03-15-2010, 03:54 PM
The RLC's response to that letter was really good! :D